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Admissions committee

Admissions committee

The purpose of the Admissions  committee  of Taraz State Pedagogical University - the formation and organization of a contingent of students .

The main task of the Admissions  committee - training the young people  to choose a specialty and competitive formation of their interest in teaching professions .

The function of the Admissions  committee is:

- Preparation and approval of the work plan for the new academic year ;

- Planning and organization of vocational guidance ;

- Preparing TarSPU admission rules in accordance with the «Model Rules of admission to higher education», MOE of the RK ;

- Organisation  of Workshop for structural units, faculties, departments of the university with the aim of exploring the " Model Rules of admission to higher education " MES ;

- to conduct a systematic career guidance in schools and districts of Zhambyl  oblast, Taraz ;

- Publication in regional and city newspapers articles about the university and special institutions ;

- Preparation and release movies on TV channels in special institutions ;

- Planning and development program  for " Open Day" of the  University, mobilization and organization of all the faculties, departments and divisions ;

- Consultation on subjects  of UNT  and complex testing;

- The organization  of  admitting the documents of applicants ;

- Consultation on a creative examination  in subjects ;

- Organization of creative examinations ;

- Monitoring and quality of the organization of complex testing ;

- Preparation and reproduction of documents required for admissions (application, personal form , receipt , the private affair of the entrant , the protocol agreement) ;

- Preparation and reproduction sufficient documents required for career guidance (posters, leaflets, flyers );

-  Recharge promotional materials  of admission  committee stands located in front of the university’s  academic buildings number 1 and number 6 ;

- Preparation of the annual report on the work of the admission committee and report to the Academic Council of the University;

- Organizing documents in accordance with International Standard ISO - 9000 and monthly report to the Department of the QMS.

Career Guidance of Admissions Committee:

- An  explanation of the features of University specialties  ;

- Creating conditions for youth competitive selection , the desired specialties ;

- protection and recognition of the rights of young people during the career guidance ;

- to assist in  selection of  the appropriate specialty and  to analyze the features and characteristics of the chosen specialty by  graduates of school ( college )    ;

- Monitoring the professional growth of each graduate university.

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