«Sanaly urpaq»


Taraz State Pedagogical University


Dear friends, Taraz State Pedagogical University invites you to a free course on preparation for olympiads and tournaments on astronomy and astrophysics, as a part of the social project "Social missions of Ustaz University".

Economic and Financial Department

Financial and economic department makes a significant contribution to the effective development and improvement of the university welfare. The main objective of financial and economic department - effective use of finance in a particular area , the development of valuable assets.

Financial and economic management TarSPU is headed by A.Orynbaeva . Akkenzhe Orynbaeva started her career in education in 1994. After graduating  from the university in 1985 she has been working for 28 years in accounting .  The team of the department consists of highly qualified , experienced professionals . In the department of calculating material valuables the main fund institution is systematically controlled. In the billing department the  tuition of students and payment of wages is supervised;  management of all financial income and expenses and  the stability of the financial position of the University is analyzed. Financial and economic department is  supplied  with modern computer technology applying 1C program.

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