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Taraz State Pedagogical University


Dear friends, Taraz State Pedagogical University invites you to a free course on preparation for olympiads and tournaments on astronomy and astrophysics, as a part of the social project "Social missions of Ustaz University".

Department of Scientific and Innovative Activities


The Department of Scientific and Innovative Activities of the university is a structural subdivision of the university and conducts its activities in accordance with the Strategic Development Plan of the Department for Scientific and Innovative Activities for 2017-2019, as guided by the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education" and "On Science", the decisions of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and instructions, instructive letters and decisions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The mission of the department is to achieve competitiveness and a balance of research and innovative activities, to attract faculty and students to scientific work and to further integrate the educational system, thereby ensuring an increase in scientific activities at the university.

The main tasks of the Department of Scientific and Innovative Activities of TarGPU are as follows:

- effective use of the scientific potential of the university for solving scientific problems within the pedagogical sphere;

- improving the quality and relevance of ongoing research;

- Promoting the protection of intellectual property, the copyright of researchers and developers, promoting the development of scientific developments in the Kazakhstan market;

- Introduction of the results of scientific research into the educational process;

- Increase in the publication activities of the faculty and staff of the university in highly rated scientific journals, ideally with impact factors;

- development of ties and close partnerships with the schools of the city and the region in the direction of creating and implementing promising joint scientific and pedagogical projects.

In May 2017, TarGPU’s scientific and technical activities were accredited.

The content of scientific works carried out by the department on a number of topics corresponds to the priority directions of the development of science in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Planning and organisation of research activities by university scientists are carried out on the basis of the implementation of research included in the list of scientific fields combining fundamental, exploratory and applied research, within the framework of which research is carried out by faculty, staff, and research-oriented students. Thus, scientific research is conducted at all faculties and departments of the university in the humanities and natural sciences.

The Department of Scientific and Innovation Activity conducts activities aimed at the development, activation, promotion of scientific and creative activity among the teaching staff and students of the TarGPU:

- Competition of students' scientific works of TarGPU;

- Competition “The best teacher of the TarGPU”.



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