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Department of state purchases

Department of state purchases

In 2010 according to the staff list the «Department of Planning and Legal Support» was formed by the order of Rector. The main goal of the department is - the organization of work on state purchases.Legislation of Kazakhstan on the state purchases is based on the Constitution of Republic of Kazakhstan and consists of the rules of the Civil Code of Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law "On State Purchases" and other normative legal acts of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Principles of legal regulation state purchases:

1) optimal and efficient expenditure of money that being used for state purchases;

2) giving to potential suppliers an equal opportunities for state purchases;

3) fair trading among potential suppliers;

4) publicity and transparency of the process of state purchases;

5) supporting of local entrepreneurs.

Ways of  implementation of state purchases:

1) tender. The tender can be performed with the use of two-stage procedures;

2) the request of price proposals;

3) from a single source;
4) at the auctions;
5) through commodity exchanges.

At the moment in the department of state purchases the following people work on the staffing:

- Head of the Department;
- Chief Expert;
- Economist;
- A lawyer;
- A specialist.

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