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Center of information and communication technologies

For  information and technical support of the educational process, effective use of new information technologies, in 2010, the Center for In- formation Technologies  was  established. Center “IT” consists of 1 sector and 13 full-time employees. Center for Informa- tion Technologies is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences Tasuov Bolat Tasuly.

For information and technical support of the educational process, effective use of new information technologies, in 2010 the Center for Information and Communi- cation Technologies was established. The main goal of the center is the introduction and use of new information technologies in the educational process of the Institute.

The Center provides the following types of works: connection to the local net- work of all the buildings of the Institute, creation and maintenance of the Institute’s Web site, connection to the high-speed Internet of all structural units, equipping the institute with computer equipment, providing hardware and com- puter equipment to all departments of the institute for the organization of the educa- tional process, the repair of faulty comput- er equipment, updating of the information on the TarSPU website and the training por- tal, equipping the server equipment.


The purpose of the center for information and communication technologies:

- introduction and use of new information technologies in the educational process of the University.


Tasks of the center for information and communication technologies:

- information and technical support of educational, scientific, methodological and organizational work of the University on the basis of new information, computer and telecommunications technologies;

- development, implementation and maintenance of software and methodological support for the educational process;

- coordination and maintenance, installation and configuration of computer equipment in all structural divisions of the University;

- providing technical support and servicing of online teleconferences, educational Internet projects, methodological and scientific presentations;

- providing database backup, antivirus protection, as well as providing information services (Internet connection, etc.).


Functions of the information and communication technology center:

The information and communication technology center performs the following functions:

- introduction and creation of innovative projects aimed at creating information unity of the University based on Internet technologies;

- providing software for University departments;

- certification in the field of technical means and use of computer equipment by other departments of the University;

- provision of computer equipment to University faculties, timely use of computer equipment;

- provision of functional computer technologies, preventive measures;

- updating and expanding the University's local network, enabling operations (preparation and installation of orders, including purchases), adaptation (preparation of an adaptation order), servers (or service orders), server software, local networks, network support and maintenance (or provision of services) in the communication chain;

- accounting of technical means of training and computer equipment in all departments of the University, including the electronic archive of software;

- ensuring the solution of a functional set of tasks in the operational interaction with users;

- ensuring the reception and transmission of information between the corresponding complexes of system automation tools when performing a functional set of tasks;

- support of online conferences, seminars and classes with the use of technical training tools;

- automation and Informatization of the educational process and distance learning at the University using the Platonus system;

- determination of the order of management of the movement of the contingent of students, the processes of organization and control of educational achievements of students, management of information related to the educational process in the AIS " Platonus»;

- control of the movement of students ' contingent, registration of students for disciplines, organization and conduct of intermediate certification at the University, the system of evaluating educational achievements, appeals, procedures for transferring studied modules and disciplines, issuance of documents on education and other processes related to the educational achievements of students at the University.



Taraz, Zhambyl ave. 16A, educational building №5, auditorium №401.


Tasuov Bolat

Position: Head of the Center, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Phone: 8 (701) 677-48-33

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Job responsibilities:

- fulfills the orders and orders of the rector, realizes the goals of the Center;

- Participates in the work of the Rectorate and the Academic Council of TarGPU;

- publishes printed materials on various aspects of the Center's work, speaks at meetings, conferences and seminars, makes reviews on recommendations;

- approves the documents regulating the activities of the Center, gives instructions to all employees;

- develops the annual report of the Center for Information and Communication Technologies;

- manages the Center, performing technical functions to ensure uninterrupted technical work;

- controls the elimination of inaccuracies in the software of computer and office equipment;

- prepares proposals for the acquisition of additional technical equipment;

- determines the information subject to processing, its volumes, structure, layouts and schemes of input, processing, storage and release of information, methods of its control;

- leads the work on the preparation of the program for debugging and conducts debugging;

- determines the possibility of using ready-made software;

- provides support for internal programs and software;

- controls the procurement of technical means and software for the needs of the university, carries out the processing of suppliers' proposals, controls the quality, volume and timing of work performed and equipment supplies;

- ensures the implementation of organizational, methodological and technical activities to protect information;

- carries out control over the formation of information security policies;

- organizes the work of employees of the Center;

- participates in the development and implementation of the KRI system;

- carries out control over the composition of the portfolio of each employee of the Center for Information and Communication Technologies with necessary documents on paper and electronic media;

- carries out activities for the purpose of career guidance with the purpose of forming the contingent of students;

- participates in the work on the implementation and development of quality management;

- carries out control over observance of the Rules of internal work order of the university, Rules and norms in the field of safety and protection of work, industrial sanitation at work and fire safety;

- observes labor discipline;

- carries out a careful attitude to the spiritual and material values ​​of the university and its structural units. Maintains proper order and full storage of premises, equipment and inventory;

- does not disclose information containing state secrets, official, commercial and other protected by law, which has made him known in connection with the performance of labor obligations.


Малахасан Эльмира Алиевна

Position: Leading specialist

Phone: 8 (708) 815-81-98

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Job responsibilities:

- ensures the proper order of compliance with the planned tasks, control, as well as the implementation of the assigned tasks by the staff of the Center for Information and Communication Technologies, monitors the quality of the work of the staff of the documentation center;

- assists the head of the Center to solve organizational questions, as well as the goals and objectives of the center;

- together with the departments examines the main trends in the use of technical means of training in the educational process, gives recommendations on the re-equipment of departments of the university;

- solves questions about the re-equipment of the university and the recording of physically obsolete (not working) computer office equipment, as well as replacement equipment;

- disseminates and summarizes the recommendations on the use of technical means in the educational process;

- plans to replenish spare parts and consumables;

- controls and cooperates with suppliers, providing computer equipment and components;

- tests the admission to the University of new computer equipment and components, in accordance with the declared technical specifications on the portal of state procurement;

- controls the terms of supply of computer equipment and components, as well as repair and replacement of computer equipment under the warranty of the supplier;

- conducts the annual inventory of computer equipment for material and responsible persons of the University together with the material accounting of the university;

- contributes to the composition of the annual report of the Center for Information and Communication Technologies.

Position: Leading specialist
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