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Taraz State Pedagogical University



"Information Technology Center "

Centre of Information Technologies and Monitoring was established in 2010 for information and technical support of educational process, effective use of new information technologies. In 2013, the department was renamed the Centre of Information and Communication Technologies. "IT" Centre consists of 11 full-time employees. The Centre of Information and Communication Technologies is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences Tassuov Bolat.

The main goal of the centre is the introduction and use of new information technologies in the educational process of the university.

The Centre provides the following types of work: connection to the local network of all buildings of the university, connection to the high-speed Internet of all departments, equipping the university with computer equipment, providing technical equipment and computer equipment to all departments of the university for the organization of the educational process, repair of broken computer equipment, updating of information in the training portal, equipping with server equipment. The main goal of the software engineers of the centre is the development of software for managing the educational processes of the university.

The purpose of the centre of information and communication technologies is the development, implementation and use of new information technologies in the university's teaching process.

Every year the Taraz State Pedagogical University is updating and replenishing the computer fund. Nowadays the computer fund of the university consists of 827 computers. In the university there are 22 computer classes, 2 electronic reading rooms, 2 language laboratories, 56 laboratories and classrooms equipped with the latest interactive teaching aids. In all computer classes and electronic reading rooms for teaching staff and  students, free access to the Internet is provided. The university has a unified corporate network using the VPN channel on the basis of Jphon (optical fiber), which unites 8 educational buildings of TarGPU. The corporate information and educational network of the University  is provided with access to the Internet, the speed of which was 4Mbit / s, as of today, the Internet delivery rate is 128Mbit / s the volume of information received is unlimited. The database of the account of the expense of the traffic allocated to institute on a line and on users, and also base of the account of connections on IP addresses is rebuilt.  Also, there is a wireless WiFi router in №1,5,6,7 educational buildings of the university.

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