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About Us

The mission of the Taraz State Pedagogical University (TarSPU) is the continuous and systematic training of highly qualified pedagogical staff, who will then apply their skills in teaching positions both regionally and nationally. TarSPU strives to maintain its reputation for educational innovation at all educational levels.

In September 2010, TarSPU was one of thirty Kazakh higher educational institutions to sign the Bologna Declaration, which enables students and graduates to move freely between countries, using prior qualifications in one country as acceptable entry requirements for further study in another.

TarSPU is home to 6 faculties, which have a combined enrollment of over 6,000 students.

The Rector of the University is D. Kozhamzharova, a doctor of history and an academician of the National Academy of Sciences.

TarSPU has 8 academic buildings with a total area of ​​25,500 m2. These buildings include scientific laboratories, computer classrooms with the latest technologies, a modern research library, as well as halls for sports and the performing arts.

TarSPU also offers student dining rooms and cafes, as well as comfortable, newly renovated student dorms that house almost 400 students. These dorms offer free internet, study rooms and fitness centers.

TarSPU students have repeatedly won medals at national Academic Olympiads, in subjects as varied as Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Psychology, Kazakh Language and Literature, Pedagogy and Psychology, Special Education, Choreography, and Computer Science.

The scientific achievements of the University in pedagogical, humanitarian and natural sciences have been recognized both nationally and internationally.

The University has an International Department, which is responsible for establishing official relationships with foreign academic institutions, mostly in Europe and Asia. Thanks to the Bologna Declaration, this department is also responsible for the academic mobilities of both teachers and students.

Research activities at TarSPU, including joint projects with foreign institutions, play an important role in the educational process. To facilitate such research, foreign language training has become a key component of the TarSPU curriculum. Free English courses are available for all who are interested. This helps fulfill one of the state objectives: the training of polylingual teachers.

TarSPU’s research activities have a practical focus, meaning their intent is to solve real life problems. In order to learn the needs of teachers, TarSPU works with the Jambyl Region Department of Education to recognize problems faced by regional pedagogical personnel and help solve them.

TarSPU also offers opportunities for retraining and for earning increased qualifications.

Artistic festivals are a tradition in Kazakhstan, and TarSPU is no exception. Students learn to dance, sing, play musical instruments, and perform in public. As a result, TarSPU students have won numerous awards in the performing arts.

Through such efforts, TarSPU promotes the continuous and dynamic professional development and scientific expertise of faculty and staff in order to constantly improve the quality of educational services offered regionally, nationally and internationally. In doing so, TarSPU continues to contribute to the greater good, as it has done for the last 5 decades.

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