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Department of "Chemistry and methods of teaching chemistry"

Department of "Chemistry methods of teaching chemistry" was established at the faculty of natural Sciences of Taraz state pedagogical University on April 1, 2004.

The main development goal of the Department is improving the educational, educational-methodical, educational and research work to train highly demanded specialists in the specialty 5B011200 – "Chemistry".

Number of faculty with academic degrees of candidate and doctor of Sciences meet the requirements of the state certification of higher educational institutions.

Department was provided by the necessary research and material base that is appropriate to all requirements for conducting scientific research works, lecture halls, specialized laboratories and interactive boards of the brand SMART Board M600 in copmlete with PC brand ViewSonic VX2209 (5pcs.). A special laboratory equipped with modern instruments: KFK-3-01, KFK-2 spectrophotometer "LANG" Dr-2800, "LANG" DR 3900, multiparametric colorimeter HI 83200-02, optical Refractometer IRF 454Б, ionomer E-160M, the ionomer E-160 M, photometer KFK-3 "ZOMP".

Teaching staff, lecturing on specialty, constantly improve their professional skills in the Regional training center RNPCPK of TarSPU, as well as in National training center "Orleu" and NIS. In recent years teachers of the Department held training on the Republican budget program №023 "Professional development and retraining of personnel of state organizations of education" in KarSU named after E. A. Buketov.

The educational process of the Department is aimed at training teachers of new formation, corresponding to the world standards of education. In accordance with the preparation of chemistry teachers of the new formation, the Department conducted scientific - methodical seminars, covering the topics of development of interactive learning technologies, use of computer applications in chemistry.

Students of specialty study more than 20 general and specialized chemical disciplines, including general, inorganic, organic, biological, physical, colloidal, inorganic and organic synthesis, environmental chemistry, chemistry of macromolecular compounds, the history and methodology of chemistry teaching methods chemistry and other disciplines. In elective courses are also included modern chemical and physico-chemical research methods, fundamentals of Bioorganic, and environmental chemistry.

According to the program "Road map" were formed groups of trilingual education. Present day 4 groups according to the specialty 5B011200-"Chemistry" were enrolled 50 students that study in 3 languages. Production practice the students of the trilingual groups are held in schools of Taraz city, as NIS and KTL for gifted children. Also, the Department intensified efforts of external and internal academic mobility. Students of 2, 3 and 4 courses (total-12) according to the program of external academic mobility have been trained in Europe and the institutions of higher education of Kazakhstan.

Students are given opportunities to work with educational literature in the areas of chemistry department and in the library. Lessons are held in a specialized computer classes with chemical software. Students improve their knowledge and skills by studying the course of information technologies in chemical education.

At the Department of chemistry usually held workshops in chemistry for students and teachers of schools of the Taraz city and Zhambyl region, competitive research works of students and teachers of the Department have won prizes at the conferences of different levels.

For all time of existence of Department its employees make the active interaction with students in the framework of the student scientific society.

Students jointly with teachers successfully perform scientific experimental work, the results of which had numerous awards, grants and certificates. In recent years, students have repeatedly won prizes and were awarded the title of "Best organic chemist", "Best chemist-experimenter".

Special attention of teachers of the Department was given to educational-methodical work, the preparation of textbooks. Articles of teachers of the Department on problems of higher education were published in local and foreign scientific journals.

Further development of the Department of chemistry is associated with the improvement of the educational process and involvement of new young generation and students into the prospective researches.

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