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Department "Mathematics and MTM"


Department of "Mathematics and Methods of teaching Mathematics" was founded in 1967  in Zhambyl Pedagogical Institute. In the early years the  department was headed by   K. Abdulgafarov,  Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences., Associate Professor.
By the beginning of the 1968-1969 academic year the  Department  "Mathematics and Physics" was divided into two separate departments :  Mathematics and Physics. After that, the department of "Higher Mathematics" was  created,  the head of the department was  an experienced representative of public education I. Pak .  In 1969, along with the department of "Higher Mathematics"   the department of "Algebra and Geometry"  was formed  and  headed by  T.T.Taubaev , an experienced teacher of Mathematics  of high school.
In 1970, the head of the department of "Higher Mathematics" was elected K.K.Nagmetzhanov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical sciences, Associate  professor.
In 1974, the department of "Higher Mathematics" was renamed to "Mathematical analysis and the Theory of Functions." In 1985-1986  the Department of "Algebra and Geometry" was  headed by  M . Muratbekov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical sciences, Associate professor.

Those years  in  the department a special course on Functional Analysis  was taught  by the  rector of the university professor  M.Otelbaev. Now  he is  an academician  of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, winner of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan,  famous Kazakh Mathematician  . According to his assistance and guidance  those years Physics and Mathematics classes were formed  at the regional boarding school named after S. Makarenko (now the Kazakh-Turkish High School), and Urban Seminar "Functional Analysis and its Applications" known all over the country began to work .  Now for more than 26 years  this workshop has successfully continued its work under the supervision of Professor M. Muratbekov.

At present  the staff  of the department  consists  of  two doctors, six candidates of sciences , four senior teachers, one teacher and one assistant.   Since September 2010, the department of "Mathematics and MTM" is headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor M. Muratbekov. He is well-known scientist in the country and abroad, currently in Taraz his school  is  formed. In 2007, Professor M.Muratbekov   was   conferred  the title  "The best teacher of the higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan."

The  famous scholars and experts from leading universities and research centers of  Kazakhstan  and abroad  are invited  to  conduct   the   special courses and  to supervise  Master's theses . They are : a professor at Moscow University and  L.  Gumilev State  Eurasian National University;  a laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan,  academician M.  Otelbaev ; head of the department of the Eurasian National University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,  Professor K. Ospanov; professor at the Free University of Berlin, Heinrich Beger; professor of the University of Friendship of Peoples (Moscow), Doctor of Sciences  G.A.Kalyabin ; head of the laboratory "Differential Equations" of the Institute of Mathematics of RK  NAS ;  professor D.S.Dzhumabaev and other leading scientists.
Also, the department established a close academic and creative connection with MSU,  University of  Novosibirsk, and Berlin, University of Friendship of Peoples (Moscow).
At the department  great  attention is paid to the organization  of the research work of teachers. A long-term plan of research is  developed. Basically, all the members of the department are involved in the implementation of a state budgetary topics under the guidance of Professor M. Muratbekov.

Musakhan Baypakbaevich Muratbekov

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Head of

Department of Mathematics and methods of teaching Mathematics

Doctor of  Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of Mathematics and methods of teaching Mathematics in Taraz State Pedagogical Institute - Musakhan Baypakbaevich Muratbekov was awarded the diploma of the second degree and considerable sum of money by the decision of the Mathematical Society of  Kazakhstan for the best scientific publication in international ranking journals at the end of 2012. It was achieved by the work of scientist and his students. This is a great success among  scientists mathematicians of Taraz city. Professor M.B.Muratbekov was born in August 25, 1953 in Zhambyl region, Shu district, station Espe. In 1971, he graduated school № 308 in Shu with silver medal and the same year he entered the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Kazakh State University named after S.M.Kirov (now named after Al Farabi). In 1976 he was directed at Zhezkazgan Pedagogical Institute. In this institute he had worked until 1985 from an ordinary teacher to Head of the Department. In 1979, he entered the postgraduate studies of Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Academy of Sciences of Kazakh SSR. In 1982, he finished postgraduate studies ahead of time with a successful defense of candidate thesis under the leadership of Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan M.Otelbaev on a topic: "The smoothness of solutions of degenerate elliptic and one-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equations." Professor M.B.Muratbekov has published 140 original scientific papers, more than 20 works have been translated in English abroad and also 8 of his works were published in international rating journals with the requirements of impact factor. He was an advisor of 1 PhD and 18 candidates of science. Now he is a scientific adviser of the budget program on the topic: "Compact of resolutions and estimation of singular numbers (s-numbers) non-semi differential operators". In 2009 and 2013, Professor M.B.Muratbekov was invited by Professor G.Beger (Germany) to give lectures on the problems of the spectral theory of differential operators of mixed type in University of Berlin and signed a contract for the preparation of PhD doctors. Professor M.B.Muratbekov is the owner of the state grant "The best teacher of University" (2007), awarded with badges "Excellence in Education of Kazakhstan" (2002) and "Services to science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2003).

M.B.Muratbekov is the winner of the nominations "Great teacher" and "Science", these nominations were awarded by akims of Taraz and Zhambyl region (2012-2013). Today Muratbekov Musakhan Baypakbaevich has the leading role among the scientists; he brought out mathematical science of Kazakhsata into the highest world level. Professor M.B.Muratbekov is honored teacher and citizen of our republic and scientist who is held in great respect.

The staff of the Department

Muratbekov Musakhan

Head of Department

Doctor of physics and mathematics sciences, professor

Musilimov Bilibiy Muslimovich

Candidate of physics and mathematics sciences, docent

Nietbaev Ashali Artayevich

Candidate of physics and mathematics sciences

Shyrakbaev Abai Begendikovich

Candidate of physics and mathematics sciences

Nadyrbekova Ainur Shokanovna

Candidate of physics and mathematics sciences

Igisinov Sabit Zhandarbekovich


Zhumalieva Lyazzat Daurenbaevna


Sagymbekov Abdumalik Turdagievich

Senior Lecturer

Smanov Kaldybay Zhapparovich

Senior Lecturer

Baulybaeva Bibisara Artelovna

Senior Lecturer

Musabekova Zaure Yeskermesovna

Senior Lecturer

Makulbekova Rabiga Ryskeldievna

Senior Lecturer

Suleymbekova Ainash Ospanovna


Dzhanabaeva Gulzhan Kadyrhanovna


Igisinova Zhazira Kairatovna


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