Taraz State Pedagogical University


«Biology and TTB» department


Biology it was for the first time created at the Jambyl teacher training college 1988 on the basis of base of Civil protection department, associate professor Dulkairova Z. A. managed department. The next year the department was called department of "Naturallyscientific disciplines". 2004 in TARGPU it was anew created as Biologiya department. The most visible scientists republican, and also famous scientists of the neighboring countries worked at department.

One of founders of science parasitology d.v.s., professor P. V. Radionov organized Gelmintologiya laboratory and carried out research and laboratory works.

The veteran of the Second World War, the owner of multiple awards and medals, the experienced teacher, without reckoning with time, worked and conducted patriotic education among students. By it it was published by more 40th article in scientific publications.

A founder of Biologiya department is the corresponding member of natural sciences c.b.s., professor Danebekov A. E.

More the 80th scientific article, 1 textbook, 3 methodical grants, 2 copyright certificates. These Trudie are valuable works for training of students of biologists in the Republic.

For training of specialists of biologists the big contribution was made by professor c.b.s., Fayzuldayev K. F. It is a participant: 1977. Soviet-American; 1978. Soviet-Indian; 1979. Kyrgyz-Ukrainian expeditions on forestry. During an expedition on the basis of collected materials in the Tashkensky botanical garden, in an agrobiological research station of the Tashkent state university, at Biosfera institute Jalal-Abad rare species of plants were added, also in the Southern Kazakhstan a lot of work was carried out to branches of an introduction of trees in cases production, technogenic and under unexpected circumstances.

Professor K.F.Fayzuldayev author of more 175-scientific article, 4 monographs and 5 educational and methodical grants.

After foundation anew of the Taraz state teacher training college the big contribution for formation of Biology and MPB department was brought by the academician of Applied Ecology academy scientist d.a.s., Tuleubayev Zh. S. author more than 200 scientific works, 3 monographs, 1 textbook and 6 manuals.

Zh. S. Tuleubayev is one of the first researchers introduced in production influence of the magnetic and elektormagnitny field on grain crops in Jambyl, Kostanayky and Torgaysky areas.

Graduates of Biology and MPB department in "Biology" work in various areas of Kazakhstan. Kusainova M. –с.a.s, the scientist in the RK scientific academy of university Soil science; Tokubayeva A. – PhD the doctor, the associate professor of the Geneticist in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University; Dauletbayeva A. с.a.s., the associate professor of the Taraz innovative humanities university, Shonshabayeva D. - ended with honors a magistracy at TARGPI, works as the doctor-biologist in city the sanitary and epidemiologic station in Taraz. Bolatkhan Zh. - the chief specialist in the Ministry of Education and Science of RK;. Shinetova L. – the chief specialist of the center of testing in the Ministry of Education and Science of RK; Mamyrbayev B. is the deputy director for a teaching department at high school of Merkensky district, Tulchikov M. is the deputy director for a teaching department at high school of T. Ryskulovsky of the area, N.M.Pernebayev is a main specialist of department of formation of akymata of the Moiynkumsky  district.

Today 4 doctors of science, 8 candidates, 15 - teachers, the 1-educational master and 3 laboratory assistants work at department.

Doctors of science: Toleubayev Zh. S. – d.a.s., professor; Nurbekov S. I. - Doctor of Biological Science, professor; Zhangaziyev A. S. Doctor of Biological Science, professor; Balgabayev N. N. - d.a.s., professor.

Candidates of science: Ziyaeva G. K. - c.b.s. associate professor; Middle of VA. - c.v.s. associate professor; Altynsariyev A. Zh. – с.a.s. associate professor; Myrzaliyev K. – с.a.s. associate professor; Taychibekov A. U. – с.a.s. associate professor; Kazakbayev K. M. – c.v.s. associate professor; Amanova K. S. – c.v.s. associate professor; Agybayeva A. K. – c.v.s. associate professor.

Masters of biology: Shaymerdenova G. Z., Sultanayev E. B., Kemelbekova R. E., Begaliyeva S.A., Kashkynbayeva L. B., Abzhaparova A. S., Toltayeva B. S., Ukibayev R. Zh., Menlibekova A. T., Bekeeva G. E., Eraliyev S. S., Seydakhmetov N. K., Kulkayeva L. A.,

Senior teachers: Ospanova G. S., Beysembayev M. K.

Educational M. A. master: Akylbayeva, laboratory assistants: Alimkulova G. B., Urakbayeva K. K.

The department has 13 laboratories equipped with the modern visual aids and an agrobiological research station today.

Educational and field practicians pass:

- In the Tau of a Samala camp in the Berikkarinsky gorge;

- In the Jambyl regional experienced and seed site in the village. Smooth;

- In experimental station in the village of Besaash.

The department works in 5 research directions:

1. Classical and modern questions in science biology

2. Technology of cultivation and selection of grain crops

3. Conducting environmental assessment of grades and hybrids of sugar beet

4. A research of properties and structure of the simples growing in the Southern Kazakhstan

5. Biological and biophysical bases of increase in productivity of crops.

On realization of researches contracts with research bases were signed. Such, as:

1. The scientific research institute of chemistry of A. Bekturov (Almaty)

2. Kazakh research institute of Agriculture and Land use (Almaty)

3. Kazakh research institute of water management (Taraz)

Teachers of department regularly take advanced training courses where they master new modern technologies and various methods of tutoring.

During implementation of the state program of the academic mobility and a poliyazychnost at department the polylingual group was open.

The department in a uniform rush makes great efforts for preparation highly skilled, sootvetstuyushchiya to all modern requirements of competent specialists biologists and carry out researches on various branches of  biology.

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