Taraz State Pedagogical University

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«Biology and TTB» department

In the 1988-1989 academic year, the Department of Biology was established. The head of the department was Associate Professor Z.А. Dulkayirova, at the same time the department was headed by PhD, Professor P.V. Radionov, PhD Fayzuldaev. K.F, c.p.s, Kusainova, Kurbanova N.P, Umirova R.N, Turdumatova M.T, Umanova G., Ospanova G.S, Begalieva S. worked. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor P. Radionov, the founder of the Parasitology Science in Kazakhstan, has made a great contribution to the organization of laboratories.

In April 2004 the Taraz State Pedagogical Institute was formed by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the Taraz State University named after M.Kh.Dulati. The head of the department "Biology" was appointed as a candidate of agricultural sciences, Professor Zh.S.Tuleubayev in TarSPI. He has held this position for the past 2004-2011. During these years, the material and technical base of the department was strengthened, and 4 hectares of land were removed from the agrobiological station and the greenhouse construction was 100 m2.

From 2012-2015 academic year the head of the department "Biology and MTB" was Ph.D., Associate Professor Ziyaeva G.K. During these years the department was headed by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor A.Zhansugurov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor S.N. Nurbekov, Cand.Tech.Sci., Associate Professor K. Myrzaliev, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor E.Kulekeev, teachers R.Ukibaev, A.Muratalieva, Zh.Dyusenbayeva were hired. During this period the specialty biology successfully passed international accreditation for 5 years.

Ziyaeva G.K was awarded the title of "The best teacher of the department" in 2014 for the timely fulfillment of his work and contribution to teaching and educational work.

In the 2015-2016 academic year, the head of the department was a candidate of biological sciences, associate professor K.S. Amanova.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, the head of the department "Biology and Information MTB", Ph.D., professor Zh.S. Tuleubayev has been appointed. Professor Zh.Suleubeev is currently performing his duties honorably.

Zhaksybay Tuleubayev, Head of the Department of Biology and Methods of Teaching Biology, Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Academician of the Applied Ecology Academy. He is the author of more than 200 scientific works on physical and rheological properties of soil and biological physics, agrofizy, including 3 monographs. In the direction of integration of science and education and improvement of professional skill organized by Zh.S.Tuleubayev, the department opened a magistracy in 2018. 11 undergraduates under the supervision of Tuleubayev ZH.S. defended their dissertations.

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The staff of the department "Biology and the MES"

Currently, the department employs 4 doctors of sciences, 4 associate professors, 1 PhD and 12 masters, 2 senior lecturers, 3 assistants and 5 assistant laboratory assistants. The department "Biology and Informatics" trains specialists in 5B011300- "Biology", 5B012400-Chemistry and Biology. Duration of training - 4 years. At the department there are 13 laboratories equipped with modern equipment and an agrobiological station.

The life of the department

The aim of the field study, the course and objectives of the course:

Purpose of field-based practice:

- improving the professionalism of future teachers by strengthening the theoretical knowledge acquired during the study of biological disciplines;

- Get acquainted with the diversity of flora and fauna of the region and carry out practical monitoring.

Objectives and directions of field study:

- Studying the variety of plants and animals living in the natural environment;

- development of naturalist work, vegetative and urban research methods, experimentation;

- The basic ecological and fauna diversity of the area of field practice, familiarization of students with the complex, the knowledge of the nature of living organisms with other and surrounding environment;

- studying the types of plant species in the region where the practice of the ecologic-phytocenotic adventurous flora, with the features of the main flora of the region and root plants in important taxonomic groups;

- acquaint students with the main species of animals living in nature, biotopes, the biological features of the main species, their role in nature and human life;

- acquaintance with the main phyto-gene, the structure and dynamics of the place, place of the field practice, the laws of their ecological distribution;

- to teach students to use natural objects (fauna, flora, natural plants, agrobiocenosis) as a visual aid in biology lessons, to supervise research, to learn excursion techniques, to apply biological experiments, to collect and collect plants and animals;

- acquaint students with the basic principles, methods of organization of scientific research;

- Protection of plants and animals in nature and their behavior in local conditions.

The department conducts research in 5 scientific directions:

1. Classical and modern problems of biological sciences;

2. Technology and breeding of grain crops;

3. Ecological testing of varieties of sugar beet varieties;

4. Study of properties and composition of medicinal plants growing in South Kazakhstan;

5. Biological and biophysical bases of crop production increase. In carrying out these research works, the following research institutions have been contracted:

• A. Bekturov Chemistry Research Institute, Almaty;

• Kazakh Research Institute of Farming and Land Development (Almaty);

• Kazakh Research Institute of Water Economy (Taraz).

Teachers of the department regularly participate in the advanced training courses organized in the higher educational institutions of the Republic and master modern methods.

At the department, the multilingual team was established in the implementation of state programs of academic mobility and multilingualism. The staff of the department is working hard to prepare modern knowledge, qualified biologists, and conduct research work in various fields of biological science.

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