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Department of World History, Economics and Law

Department of "world history, Economics and law" was founded on August 29, 2013 by the decision of the Academic Council of the University, the Association of departments of "Economic theory and law" and "History and methods of teaching history." The Department is a structural subdivision of the faculty of History and social pedagogy.

The Department trains specialists 5B011500 - "Fundamentals of law and Economics". Graduate qualification 5b011500 - " Fundamentals of law and Economics." Graduates of specialization 5B011500 - "Fundamentals of law and Economics" can teach the basics of Economics and law in secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges and other specialized secondary schools. In addition, state and non-state institutions (institutes of professional development, publishing houses), consulting firms, educational institutions (laboratory assistant, office Manager, consultant, Manager, etc.) can perform their services. Professional activity of bachelors includes: education (pedagogical); research; consultant; organizational management; coordination.

The purpose of training in the specialty 5B050115 "Law and Economics" is to provide full professional education in the field of law and Economics.

The purpose of the Department is to prepare teachers for teaching in secondary and secondary specialized educational institutions with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of economic and legal disciplines.

The Department has a comprehensive set of manuals and guidelines for secondary school teachers, which are implemented to improve the quality of the educational process.

All teachers have the necessary qualifications according to the subject profile. All teachers conduct classes in the state and Russian languages.


The teaching staff of the Department: Professor-doctor of economic  sciences  Аmirbekov E., doctor PhD, associate Professor  Serubayeva , candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Joldasova O., candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Nauryzbayeva A., candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Seredin N., senior teachers, masters - Ibragimov T., Abilova  A., Abdurakhmanova K., teachers Danabekova D.,Zholdybekova A.,Ashimkhanov A.

Teachers of the Department were trained In the center of advanced training "Orleu", as well as in international and national training courses. At the end of the course teachers of the Department actively use innovative teaching methods in the classroom and lectures.

The Department of "world history, Economics and law" has 3 audiences. Equipped with modern equipment for conferences, seminars, presentations, discussions.

Methodical study "Fundamentals of law and Economics", the Museum-audience of the national hero of Kazakhstan Gaziz Baitasov, the audience of Professor  Bodanova  J. The audience honored worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, candidate of historical Sciences  Baylibekov  R.

Serubaeva Aurika Temirkhanovna

Serubaeva Aurika Temirkhanovna was born 24 August 1981 in the district of Turar Ryskulov, Zhambyl region. Between 1987 and 1998, he studied at Karakachanski high school. 1998-2002 Graduated from Taraz state pedagogical University. M. H. Dulati, specialty " History and geography»

In 2002-2004 he graduated from the master's of law degree in History of the University. 2012-2015 L. M. p. Graduated from Eurasian national University. L. N. Gumilev, specialty 6D020300 history in 2017, he contribution to the study of ancient and medieval history of Central Asia",deals with the study of the scientific heritage of Valikhanov . To date, published a reader for 2 universities, 1 - scientific monograph and about 40 scientific and methodological articles published in the dual authorship.   An article was published in the online journal" Anthropologist", which is included in the database"Thomson Reuters".

She began her career from 2002 to 2004 in a multidisciplinary College at TarGU as a teacher of geography.  In 2004-2006, a Teacher of the Department of social and humanitarian disciplines of the Taraz Institute of MKTU by  Yasawi; 2008-2017, Astana, held the positions of scientific and senior researcher of the Institute of history of the state.

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