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Taraz State Pedagogical University


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Department of "Special pedagogy"

Mission of the Department: Training a highly qualified educated, socially and culturally developed, professionally competent person of a specialist in the field of special education - a speech therapist, able to carry out activities in constantly changing socio-economic conditions in special and general education preschool and school educational organizations, in healthcare and social protection organizations, at an innovative level and in accordance with the updated content of modern education, as well as the demands of the labor market.


Head of Department: Turdalieva Sholpan Tursunbaevna

PhD in psychology (associate Professor)

Phone: 8(701) 3858521, 8(705)

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

LABORATORIAN: Moldabekova Clara Kuralbaevna

Phone: 8 (707)2919198

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


2004-for the first time training of students in the specialty "Defectology" at Department "Psychology" was begun, the first release of students of this specialty was in 2007 (on the accelerated correspondence form of training).

2007-the date of Foundation of the Department "Defectology and psychology". The first head of the Department Ph. D., associate Professor R. T. Taszhurekova

2012-reorganization of the structural unit, renamed the Department of "Social and special pedagogy".

In 2013, due to the division of the Department, the Department of "Special pedagogy"was established. In 2013-2018, the Department was headed by Ph. D., acting associate Professor Kalmataeva. Currently, the Department (since 2018) is headed by K. PS.K. T. Turdalieva.

The Department oversees the educational process in the specialty and direction of bachelor 5B010500 - "Defectology" and from 2019 on educational programs 6B01901- " Training of specialists in special pedagogy. Speech therapy", 6V01902 - " Training of specialists in special pedagogy. Oligophrenopedagogics " at the full-time Department of the faculty.


In the state (for 2019-2020 academic year): 17 people. 6 candidates, 9 masters of science.


At the Department of special pedagogy for 2019-2020 academic year 252 students are trained in the following areas:

Bachelor's degree: 5B010500 - " Defectology"»

6B01901 - " Training of specialists in special pedagogy. Speech therapy”

6B01902 - " Training of specialists in special pedagogy. Oligophrenopedagogics»


- inclusive education.

- correctional work with children of preschool age

- training and education of children with SEN (special educational needs).


- Educational and production workshop of psychological and pedagogical support of inclusive education;

- Research laboratory: "Center for correction and support of children's speech development".

- Student scientific circle "speech Pathologist".


- Kazakh national pedagogical University named after Abay.

- Pavlodar state pedagogical University

- Nizhny Novgorod state pedagogical University.K. Minina;

- University of Lodz (Poland)

University Of Vytautas The Great (Lithuania))

- PmpkTaraz, Regional pmpk, interant School for mentally retarded children.

- Secondary schools No. 32, No. 38, No. 25 (base practice);

- Preschool educational institutions №6, №7, №8, №9, №16, №15, №36.

- Branch of JSC NCPC "Orleu", Center for social adaptation and rehabilitation of children with disabilities "ANUR".


At the Department there are creative circles and groups (list).

Winners, laureates, prize-winners of creative competitions and festivals (list if available)


Turdalieva Sholpan Tursunbaevna

PhD in psychology

Ayman UmbetbaevnaKalmataeva

Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, (associate Professor)

Mordvinseva IrinaUrievna

Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, (associate Professor)

Munatayev Bulat Muratovich

Candidate of philology, (associate Professor)

Tulebaeva Sholpan Apseytovna

Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, (associate Professor)

Stybaeva Aigul Shildebaevna

Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, (associate Professor)

Alikulova Sabira Amangeldievna

Senior lecturer

Amirkenova Elmira Zharasbaevna

Senior lecturer

Bekembetova Lucia Igilikovna

Senior lecturer

Batybekov Mukhtar Nurlibaevich

Senior lecturer

Boranbaeva Sulushash Tilenshievna

Senior lecturer

Onlasinova Gulnaz Kazhmuhanovna

Senior lecturer

Medetbekova Aigul Saydovna

Senior lecturer

Koshimbetova Zaure Dulatovna

Senior lecturer

Dosmahanovа Laila Dosmahanovna

Senior lecturer

Zhumagulova Aida Тanirbergenovna

Senior lecturer

Abdigalieva Alma Baglanovna


Abdrakhman Salida Bekbolatkyzy


Asankyzy Aidana



«Педагогика и психология»

Тип образовательной программы: бакалавриат.

Форма обучения: очная.

Требования к уровню подготовки абитуриента: среднее (полное) общее образование,  высшее профессиональное образование.

Перечень вступительных испытаний: перечислить какие предметы ЕНТ необходимы для данной специальности.

Срок обучения: 4 года (очная форма на базе общего среднего образования), 2 года (второе высшее на базе высшего образования).

Квалификационная характеристика выпускника: Бакалавр педагогики и психологии  подготовлен к выполнению исследовательской деятельности в областях, .............взять из ГОСО.

Объектами профессиональной деятельности бакалавра педагогики и психологии являются  ........

Календарный учебный график 2019-2020 учебный год очное отделение (прикрепить документ)

Аналогично по магистратуре и докторантуре

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