Taraz State Pedagogical University


Department of “Special pedagogics”

Head of the department is candidate of pedagogical sciences docent A.M.Kalmataeva

Contact details: +7 705 900 47 61; +7 707 886 98 54

Department of defectology and psychology was initially department of Social and special pedagogics existed till 2013 under the governance of candidate of pedagogical sciences Zh.T.Taszhurekova. Because of the separation of department in august 2013, department of “Special pedagogics” was created. Head of the department is candidate of pedagogical sciences docent A.M.Kalmataeva.

Teachers of the department prepare specialists in 5B010500 - “Defectology” specialization “Logopedics” and “olygofrenopedagogics” and also read lectures on “Inclusive education” for other specializations.

Experienced teachers are dealing with preparations of students: docents - Kalmatayeva A.M., Mordvintseva I.U. and Munatayev B.M., masters of psychology and defectology - Medetbekova A.S., Alikulova S.A., Boranbayeva S.T., Bekembetova L.I., Arhabayeva B.D., Dosmahanova L.D., Kystaubayeva A.K., Khabi A.A., Kadyrbai A.B., specialists - Onlasynova G.K., Amirkenova E.Zh., Ushakbayeva K.R., Batyrbekov M.N.

Correction Center for Support of Children's Speech Development opened  in department of “Social pedagogics” by Taraz State Pedagogical University

Correction Center for Support of Children's Speech Development is a place, where help for children with speech defects is provided without transition of child into different (special) group. The main task of preschool organizations( kindergartens) is realization of general education program. It’s known that in such programs special lessons with speech-language pathologist (SLP) are not provided. In other words, lessons with SLP are an additional service.

Counting all that, conclude that children should be provided with assistant in speech correction and speech imitation for preschool children at available conditions.

Correction Center for Support of Children's Speech Development opened  in Taraz State Pedagogical University. Vice-minister of education and science of RK Elmira Suhanberdiyeva took a part in opening ceremony.

Department “Special pedagogics” carries out the preparation of speech therapists on the educational program "Defectology". The presence of highly qualified specialists in speech therapists, and also if we equip a room that meets the requirements, we will have the opportunity to open a Center for Corrective Support of Children's Speech Development, which provides paid services to children with speech and onomatopathy disorders. The training held in this center with children can also be used as a practical preparation for future speech therapists. Students 3-4 courses can practice as a SLP teachers. Center for Corrective Support of Speech Development of Children in TarGPU can also be a platform for the exchange of experience of speech therapists of the city and the region, where round tables, master classes, training seminars will be held.

From 2015-2016 academic year, students of specialization began to study on a dual system. Being one of the innovative teaching technologies, this system allows you to connect the theory with practice, on the basis of preschool institutions students have the opportunity to work directly with children with speech impairments.

Correction Center for Support of Children's Speech Development is also a base of dual education. In center lessons with students are held basically in “Methodology of correction work by defects in sound pronunciation” “Organization of correction work with children with ONR, FFN, NBNP”

The centre is place for experience exchange in preschool children development

The Center continues to recruit for speech therapy classes on the correction of speech impairment and the production of sound reproduction for preschool and primary school children. Classes are held by the speech therapist of the highest category G.K. Onlasynova.

Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor from Bolgary Kostova Siika Chavdarova with teaching community of university.


Students of the department "Special Pedagogy" annually become prizewinners of various competitions, subject olympiads in the specialty, take an active part in scientific and practical conferences, seminars, etc.

Participation of students and faculty of "Special Pedagogy" in different charity events and festival of Friendship of people

The best students freely speaking foreign languages undergo training annually in foreign universities

Student of DEF 12-2 Abdullaeva G. Student of DEf 14-2 Rashitov D.

Ploand, Lodzki university, students exchange program

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