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Department of Vocational training and design

Specialty 5В012000 -“Vocanational training” was opened in 2004 at the depertament “Fine Arts and Drawing”, and sinse September 2008 it functions as a separate departament “Vocanational Training” In September 2009, specialty 5В042100- “Design was opened and the name of the departament was changed to “Vocational training and design”. The head of the department is a Candidate of Science, Associate Professor A.E.Zhaskilenova.

The department employs Canditates of Technical Science, Assocciate Profossors A.E.Zhaskilenova, K.A.Ashirbayeva, A.M.Kaliyev, A.A.Tusupova, J.B.Gaase, U.A.Zhusipov V.G.Mulyukova, N.R. Koskinbayeva, senior teachers A.J. Karibaeva. N.A. Bekbergenova, G.B.Tattibayeva, A.K. Zhankozhaeva, G.S.Sharinova, A.K. Absalimova and educational masters G.SH.Imasheva,A.M. Abdibekova, A.E. Zhumabaeva.

The department “Vocanational Training and Design” trains the teachers in the specialties “5В012000 – Professional Training and 5B042100- Design” .At the department, specialties are trained in the Kazakh of Russian Languages.

Features of the edicational process of the specialties “Vocanational Training and Design” are related to cerative activity, The main objectives are creativity, mastery of performance, design thinking and other qualities. Results and evaluation of the learining process are the participation op students in the cerative process.

At present the teacher of vocanational training acquiers knowledge in such specialaty as “Design and Modeling of Garments” and “Arts and Crafts”. For qualitive and highly professional teaching in the specialties “Vocanational training” and “Design” the classrooms “Sewing workshop”, “ Laboratory of artistic design and modeling” “Laboratory of fabric science”, “Metal processing workshop”, Wood processing workshop”and “Design” are equipped with computers At the departamen there is are Student Theater of Fashion which includes the student of the 1-4 courses. The mission of the department “Vocanational training and design” is to satisfy the industrial and innovative tasks of development and the requirements of the regional labor market to provide training for the teacher of the new formation ,who is able to solve creatively the issues of personal development and the formation of the child.

Zhaksilenova Ainur Ermekovna is a head of the Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate Professor

Education: TarSU named after М. Dulati – engineer-designer of garments apparel (1999). TarSU named after М. Dulati – Magistracy in specialty «6N0726 - Technology products and goods of light and textile industry» (2001). TarSU named after М. Dulati - Candidate of Technical Sciences in specialty «25.36.00 - Geoecology» (2010). List of taught disciplines: Methods of teaching basic technical special disciplines and methods of work, the Theoretical basis of mechanical engineering, Industrial material science and technology of constructional materials, the Technology of processing of materials, the Bases of industrial production, Labour and environment protection, Introduction to speciality, Modern educational technologies and technical training system, Fundamentals of scientific research, Theory of methods of educational work, Pedagogical management in the system of vocational training, Composition, National clothes, materials science, design products, dimensional typology, Design. Awards: «Pro-2010», «Profi-2011» Regional competition, the College «Bolashak» in “Applied Art» nomination, Grand-Prix 2008-2009, the Agency «Taraz-Style» in «Applied Art» nomination Grand-Prix 2008-2009, certificate «Intercert Consulting ORT Asia» took part in the seminar in 2011.

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