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Department of “Music Education”

Department of  “Music Education”. In 1988, students were admitted to the specialty “Methods of teaching in an elementary school” of the Pedagogical Faculty of the Zhambyl Pedagogical Institute. The history of the department “Musical education” began with the training of teachers on the specialty “Teaching in primary classes, additionally with music” in Kazakh and Russian groups. In 1994, a separate special department was set up, training of music teachers.

The department was headed by Associate Professor B.K. Kosherbayeva, R.R. Iskakov, Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor P.Sh. Shegebayev, Culture Worker of the RK, Associate Professor E.Kh. Rysmetov, M. Eshmakhanov. Since 2014 the department is headed by the senior teacher Zh.Zh. Baimoldayeva. Teachers at the department are experienced specialists of the region in the field of music education: B.Kosherbayeva, R.R. Iskakov, P.Shegebayev, T.Zheldibayev, Zh.Z. Baimoldayeva, G.Orazalieva, L.I. Kamalov, A.Mustafyaev, Z.T. Ibrayeva, P.N. Yunusov, L.B. Belobrova, S. Satterova V.Konovalova, S.A. Zhantayev, M.Kh. Zhantayeva, L.Zh. Akhmetova, D.S. Sagyntayeva, M.Aitbayev, K.M.Shynybekova, L.A. Berezovaya, E.G.Savinkova, N.M. Asylbekov, Zh. Zhomartova, R.D. Apsamatova, N.V. Khan.

In the teaching staff of the Department there are “Cultural Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, composer, kuyshi, Associate Professor A.Sh.Maldybayev, an Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an Excellence in the sphere of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Associate Professor S. Beiseuov, diploma of the first Republican contest of musical instruments “Dauletkerei”, “Cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Associate Professor E.Kh. Rysmetov, “Cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Associate Professor S.S. Zhanpeisova, “Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan” M. Rakhymzhanova, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor R.R. Dzherdemaliyeva, “Excellence in the sphere of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Associate Professors B. Kulmanbetov, B. Kosherbayeva, senior lecturers Zh.Zh.Baimoldayeva, S.A. Zhantayev, M.K. Zhantayeva, S.Zh. Kurmantayeva, S.T. Nurmanova, P.Zh.Abdikerimova, L.R.Espayeva, A.R. Yusupova.

The department provides musicians-teachers in the southern region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Graduates of the specialty “Musical education” work in secondary schools, lyceums, creative centers, departments of culture and higher educational institutions of art.

Among the graduates of the specialty “Music Education” are: a laureate of the Republican contest “Zhiger”, Professor of the Almaty Conservatoire named after Kurmangazy Duisenbek Omiraliyev, a laureate of the International Pop Song Contest held in Malta, Tahmina Ashimbekova, Kazakh pop stars Kurmanbai Makhanov, Dosymzhan Tanatarov, Sayat Medeuov, a laureate of the Republican contest “Zhas Tolkyn” Dana Makhanbayeva, a laureate of the Republican contest “Zhas kanat” Beybit Seydualiyeva, famous composer of the Zhambyl region Sarsenbek Bakir, soloists of the youth ensemble of the Zhambyl region “Alatau” Gani Matibayev, Madina Sagymbekova, young composer of the region Zhandos Omarov, laureate of the III International Contest named after Sh. Kaldayakova Fariza Dosbolova, the holders of the gold medal of the International Delphic Games Assel Uasheva, Kuralay Raiymova. We are proud of the soloists of the regional philharmonic society - Alibek Moldybayev, Akjol Beishen, Orynbasar Aktor, Tulbayeva Zhanar.

To perfect the concert creative works of students of a specialty at the department we created different Circles: “Student choir”, “Zhalyndy zhastar” headed by Zh.Z. Baymoldayeva; “Student Orchestra” headed by the senior lecturer S.B. Beyseuov; Folklore ensemble “Kone Taraz” headed by the senior lecturer E.Kh.Rysmetov; Vocal-instrumental ensemble “Asyl Arna” headed by teacher S.A. Zhantayev.

The mission of the Department “Music Education” is the creation of a unified musical, pedagogical and social environment, the formation of a professional personality that can independently and effectively solve the set tasks in the conditions of the developing economy of Kazakhstan. The prospects for the development of the department  are the preparation of innovative educational programs and projects aimed at the formation of new competencies for the modernization of the teaching and educational process of the department.

Baymoldayeva Zhamal Zhadikovna, the head of the department “Music education”

Contact phones: +7 701 400 38 31

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Kurmash Makhanov, Dosymzhan Tanatarov, Beibit Seidualiyeva

Sarsenbek Bakir, Takhmina Ashimbekova, Dana Makhanbayeva

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