Taraz State Pedagogical



The Department of "Cultural-leisure work and choreography"


The Department of "Cultural- leisure work and choreography". Specialty "Choreography" was opened at the Department "Music education" of Taraz State University namedbyM. H. Dulati in 2000 year. This specialty was continued in 2004 year in Taraz state pedagogical Institute. In 2008 year personnel’s training in the specialty 5В040900 - «Choreography» was continued at the Department of "Choreography",which is led by an experienced specialist, professionalZh. M .Kurumbaeva. Specialty "Cultural leisure work" is opened in 2010 at the Department of "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary school." In 2011 the Department was renamed "Preschool training and education". In 2012 the Department of "Cultural -leisure work and choreography" was created at the faculty creative specialties by the merger of two creative disciplines 5В09600- "Cultural and leisure work" and 5В040900- "Choreography". The Department is head by experienced, qualified specialist, master of education, associate Professor, H. E. Karamatullaeva.

At the Department working high level of scientific and pedagogical staff. In the staff of " high education achiever of RK ", member of the International dance Council UNESCO S. I. D., associate Professor O. N. Privalova, associate professors Zh. M. Kurumbaeva, H. E. Karamatullaeva, cultural figure of RK, associate Professor E. T. Bimurzaev, folk artist M. Alimbetova, "high education achiever of RK" U. U. Karamurzaeva, candidate of philology, associate professor A. Zh. Karibekova, masters: senior lecturer M. K., Rustembekov, P. S. Aliyeva, E. A. Frolova, teachers A.Eshozhaeva, A. O. Berdysheva, A. J. Beknazarova, M. V. Privalova, concertmaster L. G. Kirshner., Dubs A.N.

The mission of the Department is training current capable personnel in the region, in the world, a new generation of highly qualified specialists on the labour market, in accordance with the requirements of modern vocational training in the educational process, in order to improve the quality of education. Graduates of the specialty "Choreography" are currently the leaders of creative groups, dance ensembles. Teaching activities continue at colleges, preschools, dance ensembles, institutions schools of additional education. Graduates work not only in the region, but in the country to. This confirms the high demand of our specialists on the labor market in the country.

Graduates of specialty "Cultural -leisure work" are work as organizers in cultural centers, institutions of further education, secondary schools, work as artists of the regional Philharmonic in the regional drama theatre. In November 2016 academic year opened student theatre "Shamshyrak" at the department "Cultural- leisure work and choreography". At the Department of "Cultural- leisure work and choreography" working student choreographic ensemble "Tomiris", which is consist of groups of 1-4 grade students. The ensemble is a multiple winner and laureate of city, regional, national and international competitions.

In 2017 in Almaty, conducted the Republican student's Olympiad in the specialty "Choreography" "Folk-Stage Dance theory and methods of teaching discipline" Tokzhigitova Gabitovna Saltanat student of TarGPI took 3rd place, associate professor, head of the department "Cultural and recreational work and choreography», H.E. Karamatullaeva.

For the implementation of the program goals and tasks of the party "Nur Otan" and for the significant contribution to the sphere of education and science, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Taraz State Pedagogical Institute, Department of "Cultural and leisure activities and choreography" H.E. Karamatullaeva was awarded with the Certificate of Honor.

Since 2015, the «Shamshyrak» theater has been established at the department with the aim of perfecting the talents of the younger generation, at the 9th Republican Olympiad, students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted in 2017, the «Shamshirak» team received a diploma and a third place certificate.

Every year among the youth interest to the professions "Choreography" and "Cultural and leisure activities" grows. These specialties have a huge demand in the labor market, not only in the region, but also on a regional and national scale, that one can observe a growing number of enrolled students with each academic year.

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