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Taraz State Pedagogical University



The Department of "Cultural-leisure work and choreography"

Cerikbaeva Gaisha Aldabergenovna,

the head of the department “Cultural- leisure activities and choreography”,

Master of Pedagogical Sciences

Specialty “Choreography” was opened in 2000 on the basis of the department “Music Education” in Taraz State University named after M.H. Dulati. This specialty was also continued in 2004 in the Taraz State Pedagogical Institute. In 2008, the department “Choreography” was opened and began the training of specialists in the specialty 5B040900 “Choreography”. The position of the head of the department was occupied by Zh. M. Kurymbayeva.

Specialty “Cultural - leisure activities” was opened in 2010 at the department “Pedagogy and methodology of primary school”. In 2011 the department was renamed into “Preschool education and upbringing”.

The department “Cultural-leisure activities and choreography” was established in 2012 on the basis of combining the two specialties of the faculty: 5В040900- “Choreography” and 5В09600 “Cultural and recreational work”. The chair is headed by an experienced, qualified specialist, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, G.A.Serikbaeva.

The department is provided with high-level scientific and pedagogical staff. Among them, an Excellence in Education of the RK, a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council “C.I.D”, an associate professor O. Privalova, associate professors Zh.M. Kurymbayeva, Kh.E. Karamatullayeva, a cultural figure of the RK, Associate Professor E.T. Bimurzayev, National Artist M. Alimbetova, an Excellence in Education of the RK U.U. Karamurzayeva, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor A.Zh. Karibekova, Masters: senior teachers M.K. Rustembekov, G.A. Serikbayeva, P.S .Aliyeva , E.A. Frolova, teachers A. Eskhozhaeva, A.O. Berdisheva, A.Zh. Beknazarova, M.V. Privalova, concertmaster L.G. Kirshner.

The mission of the department is the preparation of a highly qualified, competitive specialist of the new formation, demanded on the labor market of the region and in the whole world; improving the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the educational process with the goal of training a modern professional specialist.

Graduates of the specialty “Choreography” work as the heads of creative teams, dancers of choreographic ensembles. Pedagogical work continues in colleges, preschool institutions, choreographic ensembles, institutions of additional education and schools. The fact that all graduates work in their specialty, shows the demand for professional choreographers in the labor market, not only at the level of the region, but also at the level of the republic.

Graduates of the specialty “Cultural – leisure activities” work in the Culture Houses, as organizers of class and extra-curricular activities in secondary schools, in the regional philharmonic society and as actors of the regional drama theater. In November 2016 the student educational theater “Shamshyrak” was opened. The main aim of the student educational theater “Shamshyrak” is the education of a citizen-patriot of an independent country with a high aesthetic taste and spiritually richness, mastered all the secrets of the theatrical art.

At the department “Cultural –leisure activities and choreography” there is a student dance ensemble “Tomiris”, created from the students of the 1-4 courses. The ensemble is a repeated diplomat and winner of city, regional, republican and international competitions.

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