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Department of «Physical culture»

The Department of  “Physical culture” was founded in 1967, at  Zhambul Pedagogical Institute.

Since 2004  to 2006, the Department was a part of  Pedagogical Faculty of  ТаrSPI, and  since the beginning of the 2006-2007  academic  year, the Department became a part of the Creative specialties Faculty.

To conduct sports-training classes  the Department  has two open stadiums and a sports complex, which includes 8 multifunctional sports halls: two halls for sports games, special halls  for gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, a hall for athletic gymnastics and table tennis. Sports-material base of the Institute is equipped with modern equipment.

In 2012 for the course of sports perfection to the Department  were taken two  honoured coaches of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Dalabay E. and Аlshanov S.,  Master of sports of the international class on Rugby Shipunova I. and as well as   the  winner of Olympic games in London Аkzhurek   Таnatarov.
The scientific potential of the chair consists of four Masters  Education and Physical Culture and sport: head of the Department of Beknazarov Zh. and senior teachers  Beknurmanov N., Shevchenko N.A. and Тoktagululy A.

Teachers of the Department conduct a course of a sports of fifteen kinds of sports: volleyball male and female, basketball male and female, mini-football, togiz kumalak, кazaksha  kures, Rugby, athletics gymnastics, table tennis, male and female, free-style wrestling, kick-Boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, Boxing.

Students are engaged in sports sections, take an active part in sports and mass sports life of the Institute, city, region, Republic . Participating in the competitions of city and regional scale they  regularly become the winners and prize-winners.

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