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Department "Initial military training"

In 2008  the Department "Initial military training" was formed.  The Department conducts classes in 23 academic disciplines. The chair has office of the head of the department, class rooms, room to store weapons. State classrooms meets the requirements of the educational process. All the teachers of the department have a basic education. Kazakh-language classes are 10 people.

To date, all the classrooms of the department have training facilities for the students of specialty "Basic military training." At the Department of  "Initial military training" given to students  have opportunity to use Active boards, computers, Internet,  modern classrooms equipped with benches instrumentation and samples of protective clothing audience on discipline of Emergency Situations (life safety), samples light training in small arms and drill ground for discipline of "Drill sergeant." The faculty has electronic reading rooms, library, online classes in which students  are able to prepare daily learning activities, run their course and degree works.

Head of the Department is Seytzhanov Dosym Seytkasymovich. The teachers of the department have a qualification that allows training in the specialty of "Bachelor of basic military training," have fundamental knowledge, enterprising, competitive, adaptive to the changing requirements of the labor market and the latest technology.
During the training process of training, the department is guided by faculty regulations, orders and instructions of MES, the guidelines of higher education that exist in Kazakhstan.


Head of the Department of «Initial military training»

Seitzhanov Dosym was born in 1973 in Sukhanbay village of Bayzak district, Zhambyl oblast.

In 1998 he graduated Taraz State University named M.Kh. Dulati on the specialty «The Kazakh language and literature». In 2006 he graduated ТаrSPI  in speciality «Initial military training and life safety».

In 2010, he graduated the Magistracy by speciality «Pedagogics and Methods of primary education» with an additional speciality «Psychology» of the Kyrgyz International University named after Arabayev in Bishkek city.

In 2008, he trained in the course of the Kazakhstan Association «The Development of thinking through reading and writing» and got a certificate.  In 2009, has successfully completed the author's course of the scientist, Professor V. Avanessov , Russian Federation, on the topic «The use of test forms for certification of pedagogical cadres». In 2017, he got medal «Baurzhan shapagaty».

Since 2008, he is a senior teacher of the department «Initial military training» in TarSPI. In the period of 2009 – 2012 he performed the duties of the Deputy Dean for educational work in the Faculty of Creative specialities.

Since September 2012, he is a head of the Department of «Initial military training».

Contact phones: +7 702 345 06 97

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Seitzhanov Dosym Seitkasymovich - senior teacher.

Ashirbaev Amangeldi Iliasovich – associate professor.

Kazakbaev Seisenbek Zaurbekovich – associate professor.

Totmin Valerii Anatolevich – senior teacher.

Karabalaev Koshan Ailadyrovich – senior teacher.

Seilhanov Kurbangazy Alipovich – senior teacher.

Tursynbekov Doszhan Duisenbekuly – teacher.

Seitkasim Aibek Maksimovich - teacher.

Aliev Bauirjan Amantaevich – teacher.

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