Taraz State Pedagogical University

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The faculty of “Arts and culture”

The Department of "Physical culture”

The Department of "Theory and methods of physical culture”

The Department of "Fine arts and drawing”

The Department of “Basic military training”

The Department of “Cultural and leisure work and choreography”

The Department of “Music education”

The Department of “Professional training and design”

"Culture is the reflection, spiritual state, mind and intellect of the nation. Civilized nation, first of all, is proud of its history, culture, great personalities, its contribution to the gold Fund of world culture. So, the world is recognized only because of its culture»

Nursultan Nazarbayev

The faculty of Arts and culture is one of the faculties providing high - quality education and upbringing of young people, leading the training of a modern teacher of a new formation and realizing the interests and goals of the country in the training of athletes, artists, teachers, musicians, choreographers and competent, competitive specialists.

The basis of the faculty are the Department of "Physical culture and sport", established in 1967 and the Department of "Fine arts and drawing", established in 1979. In 1987, this Department became part of the faculty of education. Department "Sports games" in 1985 was part of the faculty "Foreign language". In 1988 the pedagogical faculty was divided into two faculties: pedagogical and faculty of "Physical culture and sport". An associate Professor I. H. Khober was appointed the Dean of faculty. In 1992-1996, the faculty was headed by honored coach of Kazakhstan, PhD, associate Professor T.B. Abayev.

In 1979, for the first time students took the specialty "Drawing, fine arts and labor." At first, instilling in this specialty was carried out at the faculty of physics and mathematics, formed the teaching staff. The faculty of "Art graphics" was established as a separate faculty in 1982. Its first Dean was candidate of pedagogic Sciences, associate Professor O. S. Salimbaev. In different years the faculty was headed by candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor A. G. Rogulin, Ph. D., associate Professor V. Y. Katz, K.b.N., associate Professor A. E. Danebekov, Ph. D., associate Professor M. B. Zhananev, Ph. D., associate Professor M. Abdrasilov, Ph. D., associate Professor D. S. Sydygaliev. The faculty worked such famous artists as A. O. Kabakov, B. Kusainov, A. A. Sychev, H. Mihaylidi, A. Alimbaev, M. D. Rahimjanov.

Then the faculty "Physical culture and sport" was transformed into the Department "Theory and methods of physical education" (head of the Department P.S. Zhekenov), on the basis of the Association of 3 departments in the faculty "Art graphics" created one Department "Fine arts and drawing" (head of the Department M. Abdirasilov), which were part of the faculty of education. During this period the Department was headed by doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor K. G. Karakulov, Ph. D.,Professor O. S. Salimbaev, K. f-.M. N., associate Professor, B. M. Muslimov, Professor T. K. Kenzhebaev.

In August 2006, the faculty of creative specialties was separated from the pedagogical faculty. The faculty was headed by candidate of pedagogic Sciences, associate Professor M. Abdrasilov, Ph. D., associate Professor A. E. Zhakselenov, Phys.N., associate Professor R. E. Zhujseov, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, associate Professor L. R. Saitbekova, worker of culture of Kazakhstan H. E. Rusmetov.

In 2015, the faculty was renamed the faculty of "Art and culture". Since September 2015, the faculty of Art and culture is headed by candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor L. N. Ibraimova.

Currently, the faculty trains specialists in 8 specialties:

5b010400 - Basic military training

5B010600 - Music  education

5B010700 - Fine arts and drawing

5B010800 - Physical education and sport

5B012000-Vocational training

5B042100 - Design

5В040900 - Choreography

5B090600-Cultural and leisure work.

The main mission of the faculty-in order to implement the continuity of the stages of professional and pedagogical education and the continuity of the principles of the creation of complexes that unite single-profile educational institutions (pre-schools, schools, universities, institutions of retraining and advanced training of teaching staff).

In its history, the faculty has reached many heights in the training of specialists. Teachers of the faculty take an active part in the city, regional, national and international creative activities. Member of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan M. D. Rakhimzhanov held his solo exhibition in Moscow, Astana, Almaty, Tashkent and Taraz. His works are exhibited in museums of Kazakhstan and abroad. The author's painting "Late in the evening" is shown at the exhibition of the Embassy of Kazakhstan to the UN, held in new York.

The faculty is provided with scientific and pedagogical staff, highly qualified specialists. Composed of the professors – doctor of Sciences, Professor, associate professors, candidates of Sciences, people's artist of Kazakhstan, artists of Kazakhstan, honored artist of RK, honored artists of Kazakhstan, members of Union of artists of Kazakhstan, master of sports of international class, master of sports of Kazakhstan: doctor of Sciences, Professor I. Muldekov, Ph. D., associate Professor M. A. Abdrasilov, Ph. D., associate Professor M. M. Usupov, Ph. D., associate Professor A. E. Zhaskilenova, Ph. D., associate Professor K. A. Ashirbaev, Ph. D., associate Professor I. A. Ashirbaeva, Ph. D., associate Professor S. Z. Kazakbaev, Ph. D., Professor O. A. Isakov, K., associate Professor Karibekova, PhD, Professor B. K. Abdrabov, figures of culture of Kazakhstan A. S. Maldybaev, E. H. Ruzmetov, excellence in education of Kazakhstan S. B. Beiseuov, members of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan M. D. Rakhimzhanov, M. U. Panshaev, A. S. Ibraeva, honored artist of Kazakhstan M. A. Alimbetova, a member of the International Council of dance UNESCO "C. I. D.", associate Professor O. N. Privalov, a Colonel in the reserve V. A. Totmin Lieutenant Colonel in the reserve, V. V., Rogoza, A. B. Muraviev, referees of the national category F. E., Kim, A. N. Shevchenko, the master of sports of international class T. R. Mamashev, master of sports of RK N.A.Shevchenko and others.

Faculty address: Taraz, Zhambyl Avenue, 16 a (block D), № 8 academic building.

Dean'sphone: +7 (7262)-51-00-66

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