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The department of «Practical foreign languages»


The department "Practical foreign languages" was founded on the bases of chair «The foreign languages for technical and pedagogical specialties» in April, 2004.

During these years the department was headed by Balmagambetova M.Kh. (2004-2005), Akhmetova G.A. (2005-2007), Atakhanova R.K. (2007-2011), Burbekova S.Zh. (2011-2012), Ph.D., Associate Professor Munataeva E.M. (2012-2013), Alikhanova G.E. (2013-2016), and from 2016-2017 the head of the department is Ph.D., associate professor Nurmanalieva Ultay Tleghenovna.

The department carries out the educational process in English and German for students of natural scientific, pedagogical, historical and geographical, philological faculties and the creative specialties and correspondence department. One of the main goal of the department is the use and introduction of innovative technologies in foreign language classes. For this purpose the teachers of the department use in teaching different forms of innovative technologies such as online programs facebook, Google Chrome, assign students to the sites through the sites, voxopop, voice thread, drop box, etc.

The teachers of the department created an electronic textbook for the first-year students in German and English. The teachers of the department pay great attention to the moral education of students. To this end, the teachers conduct various activities at the university level.


The mission of the department of "Practical foreign languages" is to teach all students of the 1st year of all specialties the discipline "Practical foreign language", to the students of the 3rd year - "Professionally Oriented Foreign Language"; implementation of training highly qualified and competitive specialists in the field of special training of the department.

Strategic tasks of the department:

- teaching foreign languages ​​at the proper level in the training of a teacher of a new formation;

- achievement by teachers of the Deep Humanitarian knowledge of students in the study of foreign languages;

- establishment of international relations with scientific centers of higher educational institutions of  Kazakhstan;

- To improve the teaching and conduct of research work among students, the provision of educational and methodological materials according to the today’s requirements.

For the application of innovative technologies and distance learning, the teachers of the department compiled a plan that includes the creation of electronic textbooks of English and German, compilation of content of the disciplines English and German and the organization of the media library. Also, the main task of the teachers of the department is active use in teaching of foreign languages ​​online programs facebook, Google Chrome, assign students to the sites through the sites, voxopop, voicethread, dropbox, etc.

The main goal of the teachers of the department is implementation new technologies in teaching foreign languages in the preparation of competitive trilingual pedagogical staff, to expand their scientific knowledge and to establish cultural ties with many foreign countries, to update their culture, to acquaint other nations with their people and culture.


1. Nurmanalieva Ultay Tlegenovna – Ph.D., associate professor, the head of the department

2. Munataeva Elmira Muratovna – Ph.D., associate professor

3. Baibosynova Aida Satybaldievna – senior teacher

4. Tagashbaeva Liza Abdihasilovna – senior teacher

5. Tulenbaeva Zina Zholdybaevna – senior teacher

6. Sembekova Umit Dusaevna – senior teacher

7. Urevskaya Tatyana Yrevna – senior teacher

8. Seytkazieva Saltanat Esengeldievna – senior teacher

9. Kalieva Roza Zholdasovna – a teacher

10. Tulebaeva Sandugash Kenzhebaevna – a teacher

11. Otarova Togzhan Nyshanbekovna – senior teacher



Head of the department

Nurmanalieva Ultay Tlegenovna graduated  from the faculty of foreign languages ​​at the Kyrgyz State University named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR with a degree French Language and Literature in 1984.

During 1999-2004 she defended her Ph.D. thesis at the Kazakh State University of International Relations and World Languages ​​named after Abylai Khan on ​​13.00.02 “Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages” and received a degree Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences in Almaty.

During 1985-1993 worked as an English teacher of secondary schools, deputy director of school affairs and director of  school.

During 1994-2000 worked at TarSU. named after M.H. Dulati, senior teacher, head of the department of "Foreign languages".

During 2000-2010 The Head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at the Taraz Institute of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after A. Yassavi, deputy head of the teaching and methodical department, dean of the faculties "Pedagogics", "Natural Science", "Information and Management".

During 2010-2013 The Head of the department of "Foreign Languages" at Taraz Innovative and Humanities University.

During 2013-2015 The Head of the Center for the Development of Technical and Vocational Education of the Education Department of Zhambyl Oblast.

Since September 2016-2017 she has been working at Tagaz State Pedagogical University as the head of the department "Practical foreign languages".

Nurmanalieva Ultay Tlegenovna is the author of 1 textbook, 3 manuals, 1 electronic textbook and more than 30 scientific articles.

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