Taraz State Pedagogical University

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Department of Russian Philology

With reverence try to relate

To what you are armed with

Always revel and make light

With boundless Russian language!

Today the Department of  Russian Philology currently prepares students for specialties 5B011800 - Russian language and literature, 5В012200 - Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction. The Department of  Russian Philology also provides the teaching of disciplines "Russian language", "Professional Russian language" in all specialties of the University.

The Department is a kind of scientific and methodological center  in which 3 professors; 4 candidates of science, associate professors, 5 senior lecturer and 1 assistant lecturer lead the preparation of  highly qualified specialists. Whole teaching staff has the basic education.

The holders of the state grant "The best teacher of the university" became in 2007 - candidate of philology, ProfessorAbdrakhman G.K., in 2009 – candidate of pedagogical sciences, Professor Dzhilkishieva M.S.

Since  2018, the department has 6M011800-6D011800-“Russian language and literature”for Masters and Doctorates degree. The teaching staff of the department are the leading methodologists of the city schools.

Every year the scholars of the Department of Russian Philology take part in International, Republican scientific and methodical conferences, in various programs of projects, participate in writing school textbooks. On the basis of the department holds regional seminars for teachers of the Russian language and literature: "Innovative methods of teaching the Russian language and literature in the modern university and school," "The state and prospects of the methodology of the Russian language and literature," etc.

Students of the specialties "Russian language and literature" and "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction" are actively involved in the program of academic mobility. As proof, Zhailaubaev Elnar and Serikbayeva Aidana studied in the educational camp "Lingua-Iset" on the basis of Shadrinsky state pedagogical university. In the 2018/2019 academic year, 3 students were sent to Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University, and 1 student was sent to Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute.

The high level of theoretical and creative preparation of students is confirmed by the annual high demand of graduates in the labor market. They are in demand in various educational institutions (schools, gymnasiums, colleges, universities), in the press (newspaper and magazine editorial offices, publishing houses, on radio and television), in public service (archives, libraries, museums), in travel agencies, in firms different profile.

The quality of education consists of the quality of tuition and the quality of education. At the department, “Dedication to students”, the Day of Languages, “Maslenica”, Nauryz, “Day of Slavic Literature”, “One Country - One Nation” and other kinds of activities are celebrated and became traditional.

The members of the department are actively working to attract students to the TarSPU students. To this end, the faculty of the department from the very beginning of the school year (from September) go to the schools of the region, conduct seminars with students and teachers of rural and urban schools, meet and carry out career guidance with parents.

Educational programs:

5В011800 - Russian Language and Literature

5В012200 - Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction

Educational laboratories:

1. Resource center.

2. Methodical cabinet.

Address: Taraz, Tole bet bi 68.3-303-305

Tel .: 8-7262-51-00-32


Minaidarova Maria Estaevna

Head of the department, Assoc. Prof

Shukanov Aputan Gaparovich

PhD in Philological sciences , Prof.

Dzhilkishieva Maira Seitzhapparovna

PhD in Pedagogic sciences,  prof.

Abdrahman Gulnara Kabylkalymovna

PhD in Philological sciences , Prof.

Aladina Angelina Alekseyevna

PhD in Philological sciences , Assoc. Prof

Bedusenko Galina Anatolyevna

PhD in Philological sciences , Assoc. Prof

Svidova Natalya Vasilyevna

PhD in Philological sciences , Assoc. Prof

Myhanova Zhanar Bahytovna

Senior lecturer, master

Kuttymuratovna Nazymkul Aliyevna

Senior lecturer

Uralbekova Aliya Arpishevna

Senior lecturer

Igilikova Gulmira Ilyasovna

Senior lecturer

Kalmataeva Bakytkul Mambetbaevna


Malysheva Rufina Viktorovna


Dautaliyeva Sara Sultanbekovna


Isabekova Saule Tulenovna


Shmakova Yelena Sergeyevna

Assistant Master

Efimova Aleksandra Iurievna

Assistant Master

Diyakova Irina Vladimirovna


Iyugova Nina Ivanovna

Laboratory assistant


Minaidarova Maria Estaevna

Head of the department "Russian Philology"

In 1975 Minaidarova Maria Estaevna graduated with honors from the Faculty of Philology of the Dzhambul Pedagogical Institute. While studying at the institute she was owner of a Lenin scholarship. After graduation, she worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature in school № 322 named after G. Muratbaeva.

Since September 1979, Maria Estaevna had been working at the Zhambyl Pedagogical Institute and since 1995 she has been the head of this department.

During her work at the university, M.E. Minaydarova proved herself as a highly qualified specialist and tutor of students. At a high scientific and methodological level, conducts classes in the Russian language, applying innovative technologies, using the latest literature in the field of methods of teaching Russian language and guides students by the data of advanced experience in teaching Russian language in the Kazakh audience.

Minaidarova Maria Estaevna is the author of more than 60 scientific articles, 10 textbooks and 5 teaching materials on the practical Russian language course for Kazakh students of various specialties.

M.E. Minaydarova for a number of years is the chairman of the MB of the Faculty, a member of the Academic Council of the University. She is the chairman and member of the inspection commissions at various levels. Initiative, executive, demanding, responsible, M.E. Minaydarova has high priority among teachers and students of the university.

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