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«Russian Philology» Department

С благоговеньем прикасайся

К тому, чем ты вооружён,

Твори светло и упивайся

Безбрежным русским языком

The mission of the department takes into account the leading directions of education development in Kazakhstan: formation of an innovative-thinking philologist, a specialist of the new formation; Training of a professional competent specialist able to creatively solve issues of formation, development of the student's personality; Preparation of a polylingualist; Participation in the programme "Trilingual Education".


Minaidarova Mariya Yestayevna

Head of the «Russian Philology» department

Ph.D., associate professor

Mobile phone: 8 701 288 6774

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Manager resource center

Dyakova Irina Vladimirovnaa

Mobile phone: 8 705 902 35 68

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


In June 1967, by Order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Kazakh USR N-420, a Faculty of Literature was organized at the Zhambyl Pedagogical Institute named after the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution, which included the Department of Russian Language and Literature.

The Department "Russian Philology" was organized in September 2013, by combining the Departments "Russian Language and Literature", Practical Course of Kazakh and Russian Languages".

The department currently trains students in the specialties of 5В011800 - Russian language and literature, 5В012200 - Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction, also provides teaching of disciplines "Russian language," Professional Russian language "in all specialties of the university.

In 2018, the department opened a master's degree and doctoral degree in 6M011800-6D011800- "Russian Language and Literature".

Since the 2019/2020 academic year, the department has been preparing students for the educational program 6В017002 –Training of teachers of the Russian language and literature.

The staff of the department: the department is a kind of scientific and methodological center in which 3 professors conduct training of highly qualified specialists; 4 PhD, associate professors; 6 senior teachers, 7 teachers. All teachers have a basic education.


Educational programs:

6В017002 –Training of teachers of the Russian language and literature

5В011800 - Russian language and literature

5В012200 - Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction

6M017002 –Training of teachers in the Russian language and literature (Master)

6D017002 - Training of teachers in the Russian language and literature (Doctoral studies)


Improving the quality of education and training of graduates providing a stable position of the university in the market of educational services, significant results in the process of fundamental and applied research on topical problems of linguistics and literary criticism, as well as participation in programs to modernize education in the southern region and the country.        Every year, scientists of the department take part in international, republican scientific and methodological conferences, in writing school textbooks. On the basis of the department, regional seminars for teachers of the Russian language and literature are held: "Innovative methods of teaching the Russian language and literature in a modern university and school", "Status and prospects of the methodology of the Russian language and literature".


The department “Russian Philology” has 5 lecture halls, a Resource Center, 2 classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, computers.


The base of practice for conducting educational, industrial practice:

-          № 40 lyceum

-          № 33 M.Auezov secondary school

-          № 27 M.Mametova secondary school

-          № 35 A.Gaidar secondary school

-          № 7 K.Ciokolovskyi school-gymnasium

-          № 42 secondary school

-          № 31 secondary school

-          № 41 A.Pushkin school-gymnasium

-          № 8 Tole bi school-gymnasium

-          № 43 secondary school

-          № 18 secondary school


Students of specialties 5B011800- "Russian language and literature" and 5В012200 "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction" actively participate in the program of academic mobility, so students Zhailaubayev    Yelnar, and Serikbayev Aidana studied in the educational camp "Lingua-Iset" on the basis of Shadrin State Pedagogical University. In the 2018/2019 academic year, 3 students were sent to Shadrin State Pedagogical University, 1 student to Osh State University of the Kyrgyz Republic and 1 student to Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute.

The quality of education consists of the quality of training and the quality of education. The celebration of “Initiation into Students”, the Day of Languages, “Shrovetide”, Nauryz, “Day of Slavic Writing”, “One Country, One People” and others became traditional at the department.


The high level of theoretical and creative training of students is confirmed by the annual high demand of graduates in the labor market. They are in demand in various educational institutions (schools, grammar schools, colleges, universities), in the press (editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, publishing houses, radio and television), in the public service (archives, libraries, museums), in tourist agencies, in firms of various profiles.


Minaidarova Mariya Yestaevna

Ph.D., associate professor, head of the department

Shukanov Aputan Gaparovich

Ph.D., professor

Jilkishiyeva Maira Seitzhaparovna

Ph.D., professor

Abdrakhman Gulnara Kabylkalymovna

Ph.D., professor

Aladina Angelina Alexeyevna

Ph.D., associate professor

Svidova Natalya Vasiliyevna

Ph.D., associate professor

Jylkybekova Gulbira Tuleubekovna

Ph.D., associate professor

Mykhanova Zhanar Bakhytovna

Senior teacher

Kuttymuratova Nazymkul Aliyevna

Senior teacher

Igilikova Gulmira Ilyasovna

Senior teacher

Merschiyeva Galina Andreyevna

Senior teacher

Kalmatayeva Bakhytkul Mambetbayevna

Senior teacher

Zhumagaliyev Ravil Aliyevich

Senior teacher

Dautaliyeva Sara Sultanbekovn

a teacher

Abenova Tolkyn Kakenova

a teacher

Issabekova Saule Tulenovna

a teacher

Abitayev Kanat Kelisovich

a teacher

Kadyrbayev Ali Schorsovixh

a teacher

Sarsembek Zhansaya Gabitovna

a teacher

Imanaliyeva Gulnur Kanybekovna

a teacher

Dyakova Irina Vladimirovna


Yugova Nina Ivanovna

Laboratory assistant

Field Workshop

Career guidance

Regional seminar for teachers of Russian language and literature

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