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Department «Pedagogics and methodic of primary education»

The department was formed on September 1, 1989. The department was headed by the candidate of pedagogical sciences M.N. Sarybekov.

In 1992, in connection with the need and demand, the department «Pedagogics and methods of primary education» was merged with the department of "Pedagogy", which again disintegrated in 1994. In these years the department was headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor S. A. Musaeva, Academician of the International Akmeology Academy and the Kazakh People's Academy «Ecology», Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor N.S. Sarybekov,Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor T.K.Kenzhebaev, Ph.D., Professor K. Zh. Buzaubakova, and Ph.D., Associate Professor Z. Kudebaeva, Ph.D., Professor NM Kusherov, Cand. , Associate Professor K.N.Sarybekova.

Now.the department  is headed by candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Kenzhebaeva Alima Toleuovna.

The mission of the department of «Pedagogics and methods of primary education» is the preparation of competitive specialists, raising the quality level of future primary school teachers, providing the educational process with innovative technologies, in accordance with the objectives of the innovative development of the university and with the best world experience in the field of education, Increase the scientific, methodological, material and technical and human resources of the department.

The scientific potential of the department «Pedagogics and methods of primary education» is high, such as candidates of sciences, academic professors, associate professors, masters of sciences, senior lecturers and teachers work at the department, among which there are three owners of the breastplate named after Y. Altynsarin.

An important factor in the activity of the department in implementing the EP in the aspect of SRWS is academic mobility, which provides for the exchange of students with domestic and foreign universities, where students become acquainted and adopt the experience of organizing and conducting research work. Thus, under the program of internal academic mobility, students of pedagogics and methods of primary education specialty are trained in other universities in Kazakhstan. Under the program of external academic mobility, students of pedagogics and methods of primary education specialty are trained in the universities of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

Preparations are being made for future primary school teachers in multilingual groups with an enhanced language program.

Senior-lecturers of Department always rise their qualification through seminars, courses of rise qualification, practice in Centres of rise qualification of the Republic of Kazakhstan also in foreign countries including Centers of Excellence of Nazarbayev Intellectual school which are organized by Faculty of education of  Cambridge University.

A.T.Kenzhebayeva a chief of Department «Pedagogy and methodic of primary education»

Alima Kenzhebayeva was born in January 4, 1973 in Jambul city. During 1979-1989 Academic years she went to a  secondary school № 7 named after K.Ciolkovskyi which she left with silver medal.  In 1989 she entered the Kazakh State National University named after al-Farabi by  speciality «Mathematics» which she graduated in 1994. In that year she worked as the assistant   at the Department «Higher mathematics» of Jambul technological institute of easy and food industry. In 1999 she successfully defended her candidate dissertation on a theme: «Pedagogical conditions of formation of creative abilities at students ( on a base of study of courses of  higher mathematics and physics)». A.Kenzhebayeva is the author of   more than 60 articles: teaching and manual aids such as «Qualitative methods of mathematical physics», «Instruction for solution of problems on analytical geometry», «Cooperation of a school, family or society in education of younger schoolchildren», «Modern pedagogical technologies in primary education». She is the author of programs on such subjects as «Professional orientations of a teacher», «Practice of solution of  mathematical problems».

A.Kenzhebayeva wrote some methodical recommendations in doing some courses or independent works for students. In a process of her professional activity she worked as a chief of independent of higher mathematics, also as a director of Department of postgraduate education. Now she is working as a chief of Department «Pedagogy and methodic  of primary teaching».

She could rise her qualification and got some certificates at such Republician seminars as «Distance educational technologies» (Astana, 2011), «Management of a higher school» at KazNU named after al- Farabi (Almaty, 2011). In 2015 she passed some courses of rise of qualification in a Center of  Excellence  at Nazarbayev Intellectual School (Astana, 2015), «Actual problems of modern pedagogy and psychology» (Almaty, 2015),  Higher technical  institute ( Porto city, Portugalue, 2016).

A.Kenzhebayeva  studied the educational programe of courses of rise the qualification of pedagogical specialities at  Universities «Modern pedagogical technologies».

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