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Pedagogical faculty

Pedagogical faculty is formed in 1990 on a base of Taraz state pedagogical university. Since formation it’s a leader by all main directions of preparation of pedagogues of the new formation: studying, methodical, scientific, educational, academic  mobility, in a process of rise the qualification and the International cooperation.

In different years the pedagogical faculty was managed by high-qualification specialists, by such famous scholars who are known not only in our country, but in the others countries. They are vice- minister of Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor M.N.Sarybekov, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor O.S.Salimbayev, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor T.K.Kenzhebayev, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor N.M.Kusherov, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Ass.Professor M.P.Ospanbayeva. Since 2015 the pedagogical  faculty is managed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Ass.Professor  Zh.T.Taszhurekova.

Pedagogical faculty - the independent and formed education center with high scientific potential of teaching staff who lead the preparation some teachers of primary classes, psychologists of a system of education, pedagogues –psychologists and teachers of preschool organizations. In present days on a faculty is realized the preparation of staff by four specialists.

During it’s development the pedagogical faculty got the authority and well-knowing brand and it could all difficulties of this time, it could have the reputation and contempt with the same faculties of the oldest education  institutions of Kazakhstan.

There are some laboratories, education centers and methodical studying-rooms, including laboratory named after Academic N.S.Sarybekov, “Tanym” center named after S.S.Smailov, lecture-room named after T.K. Kenzhebayev, Innovational room named after A.Menzhanova, laboratory  on the practical psychology and studying- room of psychological service “Zhan syry”.

During all years on faculty is formed the collective with high professional and scientific potential. Teaching  staff consists of 75 men, they are 2 Doctors of Pedagogical Sciences, 24 Candidates of Sciences and 49 masters who contribute their knowledge and will for preparation of high-qualified teaching staff. On faculty work excellent workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan- T.B. Begalyiev, P.S.Sagymbekova, N.M.Kusherov, owners of scholarship “The best senior lecturer of the Republic of  Kazakhstan” K.Buzaubakova, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Professor M.P.Ospanbayeva, members of Republic teaching- methodical Council by all specialities.   Through active enter the interactive forms of teaching which is oriented on modern informational technologies lead the teaching process on a base of credit  technology of etaching.

The main strategic   goal of pedagogical faculty is preparation of high-qualified teachers of preschool organizations, teachers of primary classes, pedagogues- psychologists and psychologists for a system of education who are able to work on a market of education services having some high professionals and personal qualities in accoradance with requirements of modern school.

Tasks of “modernization  changes ” include technologic  and psychologically- pedagogical processes that require from young specialists the new professional qualifications and unusual personal qualities. Orientation on these qualities found it’s reflection in education saying of the pedagogical faculty: Advantages    of personality. Professional competency. Social activity.

On faculty is realized the preparation of staff by the following specialities:

5В010100  – Preschool teaching and education;

5В010200  – Pedagogy and methodic of primary teaching;

5В010300 –  Pedagogy and psychology;

5В050300 – Psychology.

Clear goal orientation on preschool pedagogy, methodic of primary education and psychology allowed to concentrate on faculty of the best teachers and practices.

Адрес факультета: г. Тараз, пр. Жамбыла, 16 А (блок А), № 5 учебный корпус.

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