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Pedagogical faculty

History of pedagogical faculty

Thepedagogical faculty was organized in 1990 on a base of Taraz state pedagogical institute, it includes the leading and professional activity in a process preparation of teachers of the new formation. Also it plays the key role in realization of some International connections and in enquire  of  the academical mobility of students, in rize of the professional qualification of professor- teaching staff showing itself with the leading position in doing some teaching, methodical, scientific, educational work.

Pedagogicalfaculty is presented as the center of  independent system of work and the higher possibility in which there are a lot of professor- teaching staff.

Pedagogical faculty is situated in teaching campus № 5 and №6. The general volume of all campus are 2775 metres  and it consists of modern means of teaching, lecture halls, laboratories, departments.  At faculty are realized the laboratort “Ecological culture” named after N.Sarybekov, center “Tanym” named after prof. S.Smailov, “Center of selfcognition” which is based on the spiritually- moral education, laboratory “Preschool pedagogy” named after prof.A.Menzhanova, laboratories “Practical psychology”, “Special pedagogy”, studying rooms “Technologies and methodic  of teaching some pedagogical subjects, psychological club “Zhan syry’, methodological seminar “Innovations of preparation of teachers of the new formation” and programme “School day”. Since September  2018 teaching year the faculty is managed by a Dean of M.Nurpeisov.

About ourselves

At pedagogical faculty are realized all types of work by preparation of specialists by educational programesof  Magister (1) and Bachelor (4).


- 5B010100- Preschool teaching and education,

- 5D010200- Pedagogy and methodic of primary teaching,

- 5B010300- Pedagogy and psychology,

- 5B050300- Psychology.


- 6M010300- Pedagogy and psychology.

In frames of these educational programs a process of preparation of students are realized by full-time and part- time forms of teaching, all teaching, teaching- methodical, educational, scientific works are lead in State, Russian and English languages.

Since 2018-2019 teaching year the general number of students at pedagogical faculty includes more than 660 students. They are 146 students by state law: 514 on the  agriculturalbase. A number of students from foreign countries -73.

Scientifically- pedagogical staff:

There are 1 Doctor of sciences, Professor: 3 – Ass.professor, Professors: 20- Ass.professor: 1-PhD, Ass.Professor: 32- Head teachers, 12- teachers, 6- Assistants, Magisters of sciences.



At the department for  “Pedagogics and methodic of primary teaching ” of the faculty are functioned the laboratory “Ecological culture” named after Academic N.Sarybekov (5-411), laboratory named after Prof.T.Kenzhebayev (5-311), laboratory “Teaching of the individual methodical subjects” (5-311), laboratory “Teaching of pedagogical subjects” (5407).

5B010200- Pedagogics and methodic of primary teaching

Academical degree: “Bachelor of education”.

Qualification: “Teacher of primary classes”.

Bachelor includes the following functions:

-         Organizational -pedagogical:

-         Organization- pedagogical:

-         Management by the pedagogical process.

At the department for “Preschool teaching and education” are functioned: the innovational laboratory named after Prof. A.Menzhanova (5-307), laboratory “Preschool pedagogy” (5-303), laboratory “Methodical disciplines” (5-304), “Laboratory studying-room” (5-310).

5B010100- Preschool teaching and education.

Academical degree: “Bachelor of education”.

Qualification: “Educator of kindergarten”.

Bachelor includes the following functions:

-  Educator of the preschool establishment:

-  Educator of the preschool preparation”.


At the department for “Psychology and akmeology” are functioned the center named as “Tanym” named after Prof. S.Smailov (5-312), 6-308 (History of psychology), 6-309(Resource center of psychologically-pedagogical innovations), 6-310 (Experimental psychology), 6-311 (studying-room of the psychological support -Relax, 6-312 (Bases of akmeology), 6-314 (Innovational teaching -methodical studying- room of methodic of teaching some psychological subjects): 6-316 (General psychology and ethnopsychology), center of the psychological support “Zhan syry” at Students’ Hall.


5B010300- Pedagogy and psychology

Academical degree: “Bachelor of education”.

Qualification: “Teacher-psychologist”.

Bachelor includes the following functions:

-         organizational

-         technological

-         Industrial and management

-         Project

-         Scientifically-research

-         Educational.


5B050300- Psychology

Academical degree: “Bachelor of the social sciences”

Qualification: “Psychologist”.

Bachelor includes the following functions:

-         At secondary and higher educational establishments

-         At sport organizations, doctoral and treatment

-         At hospitals

-         At establishments of defence of law

-         Psychologist at scientifically- research establishments.


Atdepartmentfor “General pedagogy and psychology” are functioned some centers of  Excellence and some computer classes of University №202 and  №402, the sport establishment.

There are 3 Smart boards, 1 screen, 2 projectors. They are in good condition.


Allprofessional practices of students of faculty are fixed through teaching plans which are underlined by state educational standard in accordance with the main directions of specialities. At the beginning of every practices at Dean are confirmed the students and their teachers, then they are admitted into some bases of practice on a base of agreement by Rector of University. Manager of practice altogether with all departments can lead or organized some conferences, at the end of practice they organize the result conferences.

Base of pedagogical practice: by speciality “Pedagogy and methodic of primary teaching” are signed up some agreements with schools №1,5,8,12,16,35,41,,45,,47,48,,49,53.By speciality “Preschool teaching and education” this year  are signed up some agreements with the kindergartens №7,8,12,13,14,16,35. On a base of private-state partnership in aim of agreement is signed up the agreement with the private kindergarten “Sun of Taraz”. By specialities “Psychology”, “Pedagogy and psychology” student had got the industrial practice at schools №5,8,12,13,18,24,25,40,,41,45,,46,,47,48,49,53.


Base of industrial practices: students of department for “Pedagogy and methodic of primary teaching” had got the practice at schools -gymnaziums№5.41,45, by speciality “Preschool teaching and education” at kindergartens in city Taraz№7,9,22, students of speciality “Psychology and akmeology” had got the practices at children -room “Ulan”, at “Department of situations” and at college Astana, at college named after Abay.

InternationalRepublic link

In the “State program of development of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020” as the quality of one of the main principles of Bologna Declaration in aim of developmentof academical mobility students are should study in foreign countries. There were some actions in accordance with a Center of Academical mobility.

On a base of program of International and republic academical mobility are signed up some agreements as a result there are more than 30 students, our 32 students went  to the others higher educational establishments. In 2017-2018 teaching year students of the 2nd course of group PMNO 16-2 A.Kim and R.Shamshieva studies at the University named after Tomas Batt in Chech Republic, students of the group DOV 16-2 speciality “Preschool teaching and education” D.Bakirova and A.Boztayeva studied in the Southern Ural state University.


At the pedagogical faculty can study the students by 4 specialities of Bachelor and 1 student for magister.



-5B010100- Preschool teaching and education

- 5 B010200- Pedagogy and methodic of primary teaching

- 5B010300-Pedagogy and psychology




-         6M010300- Pedagogy and psychology.


In these  educational programs all preparation, teaching-methodic, educational, scientific works in full-time education and part-time education departments can lead in state, Russian and English languages.


Students’ life

Inaimof organization of students of faculty for active life, for different social events in all academical groups of University are lead some open lessons, round tables, meetings, concertos, also meeting with students.

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