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Students department

Students department

The students department is a structural subdivision of the TarSPU.

The students department is guided by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", "On Science", "On Language", "On Combating Corruption"; The Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the SGPI, the decisions of the Academic Council and the administration, the orders of the rector, this Regulation and legislative normative documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education.

The purpose of the student's department is for logging and controlling the movement of students’ contingent.

Since October 2014 year M.A.Orumbayeva directs the department. She made some changes to the work of the department, as redistributing responsibilities between employees. Develops and implements the standards of the department, the system of reporting and document management for the employees of the department.

The main tasks of the department are:

- keeping records of the students’ movement;

- registration and storage of personal files of students;

- the publication and approval of orders in all categories, with the exception of orders for scholarships (on the award of vacant educational grants released in the process of obtaining higher education, on transfer and reinstatement within the university, from other universities, on the provision of discounts on educational services for students, .the release, the withdrawal from the academic release, the admission to the repeated Final Attestation, the transfer to different categories, the change of the name, the payment of compensation for travel, etc.);

- processing of orders for contingent’s movement;

- Reception of documents and preparation of orders on transfer and restoration of students;

- Preparation of requests for personal affairs of students, translated, restored from other universities;

- The direction of the documentation for the transfer and restoration to other wagons according to requests;

- preparation and sending of documents of students for transfer to vacancies for training on the basis of state grants in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- keeping orders in electronic document management "PLATONUS"

- keeping records of orphans and children left without parental care;

- keeping records of foreign students;

- keeping records of disabled children;

- issuing academic certificates to expelled students;

- Issuance of references to noncommercial corporation "STATE CORPORATION" GOVERNMENT FOR CITIZENS»

- preparation of documents for the procedure of recognition and nostrification on education issued by foreign educational organizations;

- preparation and issuance of a duplicate of the final documentation / appendix to the diploma;

- preparation of final student documentation;

- management of personal files, their replenishment, accounting of issuance for temporary use (certificate, diploma).

- bundling, filing and transfer to the archive of the University of personal affairs of graduates and expelled students;


The staff of the department includes 5 employees:

- Head of department;

- Inspector for the transfer and restoration of students;

- Inspector for the conduct of student documentation for full-time study;

- Inspector on conducting student's documentation on the correspondence form of training;

- archive (work with documents of expelled students with storage up to 3 years).


Contact details:

Taraz., Zhambyl St. 16a, 5 building, office 203,204

tel: 8-7262-524922

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