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Board of veterans

The Board of Veterans TarSPU is the organizational basis of the Public Association "Organization of veterans  of the Republic of Kazakhstan". It functions jointly with the Zhambyl regional and Taraz city veterans' organizations. The veterans’ organization of the Institute includes collective of all faculties and administrative departments.

For the effective activity of veterans’ organization of the TarSPU, the administration of the Institute provides intensive support. For the Board of Veterans TarSPU is allocated a separate cabinet equipped with computers. The work of the board is constantly conducted in the office; and organized the duty of the members of the board. The Board of Veterans of the TarSPU closely related with all public organizations of the Institute (trade union committee, student youth committee "Nur Otan", student trade union committee, etc.).

The Board of Veterans of the TarSPU has a commission  on  communication with the student youth committee and preparation of the history of the TarSPU; the commission for organizing participation in current public events; the commission on the organization of control over the situation of veterans and relations with them; the commission for the propaganda among the youth of the Messages of the President of the State and the organization of patriotic education and other commissions. All veterans are professors and teachers, and they take an active part in public works of various levels (department, faculty, and institute), as in this a feature of teaching, it is impossible to conduct teaching activities effectively without it.

We would like to especially note the work of veterans-professors and teachers who are very active in public work of our Institute such as Begaliev Turan Begalievich, Tamayev Sabit Tamayevich, Turdalin Kuandy Bayshemirovich, Zholdassova Kulzhamila Zholdassovna, Nauryzbayev Altynbek Nauryzbayevich, Taichibekov Asker Usembayevich, Ismatova Seysekul Moldabekovna, Sadykbekov Rakhim Aitbaevich, Minaidarova Maria Estayevna, Sagymbekova Pernayym, Beiseuov Seisenbi, Yakhiyyaev Inagam Abdukarimovich, Maksimenko Vladimir Semenovich, Toleu- bayev Zhaksybay Suraberdievich.

Responsibility for the work, activity and public activity of veterans is a model for the youth of the Institute. All veterans actively participate in all educational and political events held at the Institute. The first head of the Board of the Institute's veterans was Professor TarSPI T. Begaliev. Since 2015, the board is supervised by Associate Professor B. Muslimov.

The Board of Veterans is a public organization. The main goal is to educate the youth, to be a model, to promote the work of our President among the youth, to take part in the cooperation and consent of the people of Kazakhstan, to contribute to the formation of youth love for the motherland, patriotic feelings and morality.

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