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At Taraz state pedagogical University, sports activities of the teaching staff and future specialists are conducted with the support and organization of the public Association of the Ustaz sports club.

The sports club of Taraz state pedagogical University was established on June 11, 2004. It was headed by Sultan Berikovich Kasymov. In 2009 it was renamed into the youth sports club "Ustaz". Suleimenov Olzhas Abirlievich was elected head of the sports club. On March 1, 2018, Taraz state pedagogical University was renamed into the public Association "Sports club "mugalim". The newly elected Chairman of the Association Suleimenov Olzhas Abylaevich.

The club regularly conducts sports and entertainment events and ensures the participation of student teams in regional and international competitions, the Universiade,as well as cooperates with student sports federations, clubs, international sports and tourism organizations.

Main activities of the sports club:

- Formation of the basics of a healthy lifestyle for students, teachers, University employees, study and implementation of the principles of physical culture and sports in the work;

- planning the organization of various types and types of physical culture and sports, creating methodological conditions, the system of higher education institutions, features of training and interests of the organization;

- organization of the training system in sports sections;

- develops and conducts an annual plan of sports competitions, provides insurance during competitions;

- registers students ' achievements in sports and their degree, forms national teams of the University and ensures their participation in competitions.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the sports club "mugalim" implements the project "Healthy universities".



Since October 4, 2019, the public Association "Ustaz Sports club" has been operating at Taraz state pedagogical University.

Shilibayev Bekbolat Amanzholovich-specialist of physical culture and sports, associate Professor (associate Professor) of the regional Academy of management, honorary Professor of Kazakhstan. Psychologist of children's and youth sports Foundation. Martial arts coach, black belt holder I Dan. Author of 6 textbooks on the specialty "Physical culture and sport", 8 teaching AIDS, more than 100 articles.

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