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Taraz State Pedagogical University




On the eve of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Taraz State Pedagogical University in November 2007, a historical museum was opened. The museum consists of two halls, one of them is an exhibition hall, and the second is a storage facility for exhibits.

There are three sections in the exhibition hall. The first hall is dedicated to the Central Asian poet and thinker JusipKhasHajubBalasaguni. In the museum there is an ancient edition of the book-poem (Kutadgubilig) (Blessed knowledge).

The second main part is devoted to the Northern part of the Great Silk Road, which passed through the world-famous medieval city Balasagun. The settlement is located in Shu district of Zhambyl region, on the territory of the former collective farm named after Kalinin, now Balasagun village, situated along the highway Almaty- Taraz. The stationary archeological investigation of the Balasagun monument began in 1974.

Its complex investigation was conducted on the resistance of three decades by the archaeological expedition of the Kazakh National University named after Abu-Nasir al-Farabi. Students of TarSPU by specialty “History” have been conducting expeditions to explore the city since 2011. The third part of the museum is dedicated to the history of the TarSPU. The museum's fund has more than 200 kinds of exhibits: documents, which give the main information about pedagogical institute.In the museum guided tours, exhibitions of creative works of students, curatorial hours, round tables and meetings.

The guests of the  museum were many well-known figures of education in science and culture such as the Director of the Museum of the First President of the RK Myrzatai Zholdasbekov, folk artists Tungushbai Zhamankulov, Altynbek Korzbayev, honored artists of RK Bagdat Samedinova, Olympic champion Bakhtyar Artayev, folk writer Azilkhan Nurshaikov, poets Fariza Ongarsynova, Mukhtar Shakhanov, folk hero Bakhytzhan Ertayev.

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