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Administrative and economic management

Administrative and economic department. From 2004 this department was headed by B.Baimenov. Since it was been heading by S.Artykbayev.

The main goal of the department is to ensure the continuity of the Institute's educational process for all systems and communications (electricity, water supply, sewerage); Supervision of the purity  of the institute territory and compliance with the requirements of occupational safety, fire safety requirements in educational buildings (workplace); Maintenance of repair and maintenance of buildings of the institute; Transportation services.

Tasks of administrative and economic management:

- administrative and economic management of the organization: maintenance of all buildings of the University, equipment (air conditioners, lamps, power grids, etc.), organization and control of repairs, supply of furniture, household inventory, office, means of mechanization of engineering, organization of transport support;

- organizational and methodological guidance and control of the University's structural divisions on issues of economic services, rational use of material and financial resources, and preservation of the organization's property;

- participation in the preparation and execution of management decisions on issues of administrative and economic support of the organization;

- economic, material, technical and social services of the University and its divisions;

- maintenance of buildings and premises of the University and the surrounding area in proper condition.

Functional responsibilities of the administrative and economic Department:

1) conducting informational and explanatory work among University employees aimed at ensuring the safety and maintenance of the organization's premises and property, careful attitude to equipment and economical use of material and energy resources.

2) Conducting fire and anti-epidemic measures.

3) Economic maintenance and ensuring the proper condition in accordance with the rules and regulations of industrial sanitation and fire protection of buildings and premises where the organization's divisions are located, control over the serviceability of equipment.

4) Participation in the inventory of premises and equipment in order to control their safety and technical condition.

5) Repair of University buildings, quality control of repair work.

6) Providing the organization's divisions with furniture, household inventory, means of mechanization of engineering and managerial labor, control over their rational use, safety, and timely repair.

7) Preparation of necessary documents for the conclusion of contracts for the performance of works and services by third-party organizations.

8) Formation of current and future plans for reconstruction, major and current repairs of buildings, University buildings, water supply systems, air pipelines and other structures.

9) Control within its competence over compliance with the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, fire safety rules, safety standards, timely taking of necessary measures when identifying the facts of their violation.

10) Receiving and storing office supplies, household materials, equipment, inventory, providing them to structural divisions of the organization, accounting for their expenditure and drawing up the established reporting.

11) Control of rational expenditure of materials and financial resources allocated for economic purposes.

12) Landscaping, cleaning of the territory, participation in the organization of University events.

13) Organization of transport support for the organization's activities.

Regulations on administrative and economic management (DOC)



Esirkepov Kaiyrbek The Dossayev

Position: acting chief engineer of the Department

Phone: 51-01-49

Cell phone: 8 705 988 1743

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Toktybayev Bakytzhan

Position: power engineer

Cell phone: 8 700 952 1438

Bulambayev Magauia

Position: engineer (buildings no. 5-8)

Cell phone: 8771 240 2967

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