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Taraz State Pedagogical University



Department «Art graphics and design»

At the Department work: candidate of technical Sciences, head of Department, Ph. D. associate Professor Jaskelioff A. E., Ph. D. associate Professor Ashirbaev K. A., Ph. D. associate Professor Abdrasilov M., Ph. D. Professor of Aldekov IMASH Asankulovich, Professor Panchev M-W. C., Ph. D. associate Professor Tusupova A. A., member of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan, Professor J. B. Haase, senior teachers: Mulyukova, V. G., G. B. Tattibaev, Sigaeva A. M., Djumashev A. S., Myrzakhmetov B. M., Klaubauf A. J., Kachkynbaeva N. R., teachers – masters: Sharinova G. S., Abzalimova A. K., Abdurasulov A. I., Metl A. B., trainers: Abdibekov Z. M., G. S. Imasheva, Karimbekov S. M.,A. J. Elboev

The Department conducts systematic work on training specialists in three education programs.

Along with the immediate tasks in the training of specialists of vocational training, the Department sets a task for the development and preservation of folk art and folk costume.

Priority activities of the Department are:

* research, preservation and effective use of historical and cultural heritage of the region

* preservation and development of folk art,

* support for young talents,

* methodical, information, personnel, material and technical support.

Residents of the region had the opportunity to get acquainted with the creativity of the teaching staff of the Department and students of the specialty professorial training and design. The teaching staff of the Department together with the students of the specialty on a permanent basis organize traditional exhibitions of creative works in the regional exhibition hall. Exhibitions are held in order to promote among the General population of folk art, national costume, as well as identify and support new talents.

For efficient work in this direction at the Department all conditions are created: there is a methodical office, sewing, locksmith turning workshops, a design office equipped with modern equipment. Also, students of the specialty in the framework of the contract on dual training are trained at Aspara College.

Many events are held in conjunction with the city's Department of education, youth Affairs and sports.


Head of Department: Zhaskilenova Ainur Ermekkyzy

candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor

Phone: 8 705 977 03 97

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Laborant: Казыбаева Марияш Шаменова

Phone: 8 705 670 15 07

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Мульдеков Имаш Оспанкулович

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Абдирасилов Медетбек

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor

Рахымжанов Муратжон Дадаевич

Associate Professor, Excellence in Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Мирзахметов Болат Мекемтасович

Senior teacher

Паншаев Мухамет-Омар Сализулы

Associate Professor

Куздеубаев Айдар Жалғасбекұлы

Senior teacher

Мулюкова Венера Гайнисламовна

Senior teacher

Гаазе Жанат Болатбековна

Senior teacher

Аширбаева Кенжегуль Ахановна


Тусупова Арайлым Абылқайырқызы

Candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor

Кошкинбаева Нургүль Рыспаевна

Senior teacher

Шаринова Гулнур Сайлауовна


Таттибаева Гулжан Берликовна

Senior teacher

Абсалимова Айгерім Қаңтаровна


Джумашева Айгуль Серикхановна

Senior teacher

Үмбетәлі Алуа Болатқызы


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