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“Zhas Galym-2019”





“Zhas  Galym-2019

The VII-th  International  scientific and  practical  conference  for young  scholars, students and pupils

Organized by:

Taraz  State  Pedagogical  University

February 22, 2019

The conference covers the following scientific areas:


The Humanities

Section 1. History  (native, general), philosophy, political science, sociology, religious studies, cultural studies, ethnocultorology, law and economics.

Section 2. Philology (language and literature): Kazakh, Russian, foreign language and literature.

Section 3. Pedagogy, Ethnopedagogy, Psychology, Defectology


Natural Sciences

Section 1. Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science

Section 2. Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Ecology.


We would like to invite school students, graduate-level researchers, students, undergraduates, recent PhD holders and college/school teachers!


Please submit your abstract until 6 p.m., February 1, 2019. Materials provided later than this date will not be considered.

Working languages: Kazakh, Russian and English

Please note that outstanding papers will be published on Collection of conference materials. The Collections will be sent to the authors after the conference. The articles will be accepted in paper and electronic formats.

A soft copy of the complete work virus-free in Microsoft Work Word Formats should be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cover page should include name of the author who had paid for participating, e.g. Utepov.doc. or Utepov.rtf.

The decision to publish materials is adopted by the expert commission. In accordance with the conclusion of the expert commission the authors will be sent a second information letter with notification. Payment of the registration fee must be carried out only after the second information letter with a positive solution.

Registration fee – KZ 3000

Thesis formatting guidelines:

Length: maximum 5 pages, A4 demy pages, 12 font, “Times New Roman” type, 1.0 interlinear interval.

Indention - 0,9 см.

Margin: upper– 2,5 см, lower – 2 см, right – 1,5 см, left -2,5 см.

Any included illustrations or tables should have names and be printed in MS Word format

Layout: Left upper corner – UDK code;

Centered: The title of the thesis (must be done in bold capital letters).

Centered: author’s Name, name of the educational institution  (must be done in bold  small letters)

References should be included in 12 font at the end in accordance with the order of reference works. In-text references should be included in slanting brackets, it’s necessary to point out  a reference’s page e.g.: /1,с. 256/.


Postal address :

Zhambyl oblast, Taraz city

62  Tole bi str.

Taraz  State   Pedagogical  University

Department of Science and Innovation

Tel: 8 7011630482

Financial requisites:

RSE Taraz  State   Pedagogical  University

TRN  211500217969

BIN: 040440007305

IIC KZ  376010161000026196

JSC  ZhB   Halyk  Bank, Taraz city

KBe 16

BIC  HSBKKZKX  “For participation  in TarSPU  conference”

All expenses are incurred  by sending side.


Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any further question and feel free to distribute this invitation to other colleagues that may be interested in participating!

Kind regards, Department of Science and Innovation

Conference Registration Form

  1. First name, Last name_______________
  2. Degree, title (if any)_____________
  3. Position____________________________
  4. Institution (name)_____________________
  5. Address_____________________________
  6. 6. Main telephone: (with international code)___________
  7. E-mail (required) _____________________
  8. Name of an abstract ___________________
  9. Section  ____________________
  10. Accessories_______________________
  11. Needed technical support ____________

12.  Need for hotel reservation (yes/no)_______

- I am presenting a paper;

- I am making a presentation at a meeting of the section;

- I am  an observer

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