Taraz State Pedagogical



Address of the Head of state-specific program of new qualitative indicators of education

The rector of Taraz state pedagogical University,

Academician of NAS of RK,

doctor of historical sciences, professor

Kozhamzharova Dariya Perneshevna



The annual Message to the people of Kazakhstan of the head of state is the main document aimed at further improving the socio-economic potential of the country. In General, education, health, social protection, housing, public services, improved transport and communications are the main indicators of living standards. In his Address, the head of state paid special attention to the social sphere. Among them – different  levels of society. I am sure that whether he is a scientist, a student or a high school student, a pensioner or an employee, every member of society will be able to see his ways of development in the Message. Of course, our main goal is to join the ranks of 30 developed countries. This is improving the quality of life.

Nursultan Nazarbayev in his current Message "New opportunities for development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution" specifically identified 10 tasks that need to be implemented. We, the educators, are pondering the seventh challenge of a relatively new quality of human capital.

The head of state specified important tasks for the development of education in the seventh task of the Address to the people of Kazakhstan. The President noted the need to accelerate the development of its advanced education system, which included citizens of all ages. The President emphasized: "the main priority of educational programs is adaptation to various changes and development of abilities of mastering knowledge. By September 1, 2019, it is necessary to introduce a single standard of programs that develop self-learning skills and social skills." In the field of secondary education, the transition to updated content began and will end in 2021. As the Head of state noted, these are new programs, textbooks, standards and personnel. The question of teacher training and consideration of ways of improvement of qualification. In General, in 2016-2017 academic year 1 classes, September 1, 2017, 2,5,7 classes passed to the updated content of education.

The center for monitoring and pedagogical research of Taraz state pedagogical University has established a close relationship with the schools of the region, conducts research. The purpose of the center: 1) coordination of work on rendering complex methodical support to 451 schools of area, 2) the analysis of textbooks and educational AIDS published in the updated contents, 3) carrying out monitoring of the works which are carried out in the direction of modernization of educational process. As a result of this monitoring, the following information was summarized: today in 3 classes of two schools of Zhambyl region (Taraz city, №41 gymnasium; №1 school-lyceum of T. Ryskulov district) testing of textbooks and teaching materials, curricula and programs developed in accordance with the new standard is carried out.

If the administration of 675 schools, 5082 primary and basic school teachers have completed advanced training courses on the updated content of education, 556 teachers improve their knowledge on training courses for trainers. However, this is not enough. In this regard, Taraz state pedagogical University is engaged in a comprehensive work. The current 3rd year students in 2019 will graduate from high school and begin to participate in the trilingual educational process of secondary schools as a young specialist. In this regard, taking into account the proposals of stakeholders, elective courses are taught on the updated content of education.

The President noted: "At all levels of education it is necessary to improve the quality of teaching mathematics and natural Sciences. This is an important condition for preparing young people for a new technological state." Modular educational programs in accordance with Dublin descriptors have been introduced in our higher educational institution. On the basis of school-gymnasium № 5 of the city of Taraz is open the experimental-practical area, faculty TarSPU conducting a series of continuous training seminars on technologies of teaching physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, integrating language and content of the disciplines. In Taraz state pedagogical University invited experts from Germany, great Britain, Belarus, Russia, conducted a series of international training seminars in the direction of "the Position of the application of integrated language learning and content(CLIL)", dedicated to teachers of schools, leading subjects of natural Sciences in English. The joint project "Immersion in the language environment and integrated learning in a trilingual education" in the framework of cooperation between Cambridge University and Zlin University on the basis of CLIL technology is implemented by educational programs 5B011200-"Chemistry", 5B011400-"History", the first stage of the project has ended.

As noted in the Message "universities should actively implement joint projects with leading universities, research centres, large enterprises and transnational corporations in the world", has begun work on a research project in the total amount of 41 million tenge "In the framework of the implementation of the policy of trilingual education in the Republic of Kazakhstan the implementation of technology integrated teaching in secondary schools discipline and language (CLIL)". The project will be attended by scientists from Cambridge University of England, Hamburg University of Germany and Zlin University of the Czech Republic. The staff of TarSPU makes a significant contribution to the fulfillment of the tasks concerning the system of higher education noted in the Address. The formation of human capital is the most important task. Having acquired new knowledge and professions, it is possible in society, in consciousness to make fundamental changes, to enter a number of the developed countries by means of the human capital.

The head of state defined 10 tasks for finding ways of adaptation to the new world, i.e. the world of the Fourth industrial revolution. The next task is to mobilize all our forces for the sustainable prosperity of our state in order to implement these complex ten tasks.

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