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Information for foreign students

Information for foreign students

Persons without Kazakh citizenship permanently residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan and persons of Kazakh nationality who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be entitled to receive free higher education on a competitive basis in accordance with the state educational order if they receive the first level of education of this level, with the exception of military training institutions.

The right to receive free higher education by foreigners on a competitive basis in accordance with the state educational order is determined by international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The admission of foreign citizens on an allocated quota on the basis of the state educational order in international higher education institutions, established on the basis of interstate agreements, is carried out by higher educational institutions independently.

The admission of foreign citizens into higher education institutions on a fee-paying basis is carried out in the form of an interview conducted by the admissions offices of higher education institutions.

Documents submitted in a foreign language must have a notarized translation into Kazakh or Russian.

Documents on education issued by foreign education organizations are subject to the procedure of nostrification in accordance with the procedure established by law after the enrollment of persons during their first semester.

Admission rules for foreign citizens

List of documents:

1. Application in a standard form;

2. Certificate or diploma (original), (notarized copy and notarized translation);

3. Nostrification of the diploma or a certificate of surrender for the procedure of nostrification

4. Copy of identity document (notarized translation);

5. Copy of residence permit (if available);

6. 8 photos of size ¾ cms;

7. Medical certificate on the form 086-U;

8. Copy of vaccination card 063 (if available);

9. Original and copy of a chest xray

List of documents for foreign students to be delivered to the International Department

1. Copies of identity cards and passports (notarized translations into Russian or Kazakh languages);

2. A copy of your high school graduation document (certificate or diploma)and an official transcript the grades received;

3. Address information;

4. 2 photos 3х4 cms;

5. Residence permit for the Republic of Kazakhstan;

6. For oralmans (returnee)- an oralman's certificate and a certificate from the Department of Migration Police.

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