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The Youth Affairs Committee

Kadyraliev Aibek

Chairman of the Youth Affairs Committee

The main purpose of the Youth Affairs Committee is to encourage Young People to engage in public life and to formulate a positive, objective opinion of the Youth on Society. Also, to work on the Youth policy at the University, to organize educational and social work of the Faculties, to participate in actual planning of documents, to know best practices in work with students, to gather, to disseminate, to conduct seminars and scientific-practical conferences, to conduct creative competitions, to ask for youth affairs reports, conducting sociological surveys, assistance to formation of students' groups, promotion of the University's external regulations, propagation of the Address of the President N.Nazarbayev, to organize sports events, to conduct cognitive meetings and round tables. Also, to implement the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, propagation of the Concept of State Youth Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Kazakhstan 2020: Path to the Future".

Functioning of Youth Organizations:

TarSPU has created Youth Organizations in educational process and out-of-school hours in order to increase students' diverse development and activity in different areas:

- Committee on Youth;

- Student trade union organization;

- Youth Committee “Zhas Otan”;

- The Students Alliance of Kazakhstan;

- Volunteer group "We are together";

- "Baiterek Club";

- Girls' club "Kyz Zhibek";

- "Zhansarai" Students’ Theater;

- "Zhasyl El" and Students’ Building Teams;

- "Zhaidarman";

- International Organization “Shanyrak”;

- Dance Ensemble "Tomiris";

- Vocal Instrumental Ensemble";

Student Trade Union Organization is one of the student self-governing organizations in the hostel, providing social assistance to students. Active students in the Council help to solve the students’ problems, paying attention to their social status, the members of this Organization solve the difficult problems by organizing various cultural events.

At the initiative of the Student Trade Union, the Student Square project here will be organized informal Meetings with the Rector, Vice-rectors, Deans and Department Heads.

Student Rectorate is a Student Self-government Organization that works on the basis of law, truth, democratic principles. The member of the Rectorate help Freshers to set in showing the importance of education and the importance of educational work, promoting the right orientation in the new social environment, making the leisure time more interesting and useful for young people.

Youth Committee "Zhas Otan" is the organization that works for the students, the social activity of the youth, which provides mutual support and social responsibility of students, to the orphanage and specialized boarding schools specializing in different directions.

The Youth Committee "Zhas Otan" is holding active events. In order to empower young people to feel kindness and respect for the elderly, the Project "Let's care for Veterans" is being implemented. This Committee of TarSPU is helping 25 veterans.

"The Students’ Alliance of Kazakhstan" is an organization that protects the rights of students, creating conditions for the effective implementation of intellectual, creative, spiritual and innovative potential of students.

The Students Alliance of Kazakhstan organizes 2 times a month analyzes nutrition of students' and organizes youth competitions "How are you living?", "What do you eat, Student?" And "Sport is Youth Desires".

The Student Theater "Zhansarai" has been overcoming the dignity of the years. As a result, the title "People's" was awarded. “The Giant Serenade”, Historical drama "Aisha Bibi" and "One Apple Tree" were presented.

"Zhaidarman" has a great impact on young people's personal development, creativity and talent. At the same time, “Ryan Nur” Entertainment Club is working to support the students' enthusiasm and to further develop the noble cause that has become a pleasant surprise to many. The main purpose of this Club is to be one of the only clubs in the community, which criticize many events happening in society, through jokes. In honor of the half-century anniversary of the University, "Zhaidarman" organize events "Zhuzden zuirik", "50 zhylda El zhana", "Zhaydarly zhandar" and etc.

The main purpose of the Oratory Course is to enhance the ability of students to develop their language skills, to enhance their ability to think effectively.

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