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Dear friends, Taraz State Pedagogical University invites you to a free course on preparation for olympiads and tournaments on astronomy and astrophysics, as a part of the social project "Social missions of Ustaz University".

«Zhas Talap -2018»


Dear Teachers and Students!

On November 26-30, 2018, Taraz State Pedagogical University is organizing a Week of Student Science “Zhas Talap -2018”

Works of Students who does not meet the requirements specified below are deprived of the right to participate in the competition.

Requirements for participation in the competition:

Scientific work, designed in accordance with the requirements (humanities up to 40 pages, natural sciences up to 30 pages). Fields: left-3cm, Right-1,5cm., Upper and lower-2 cm. Font: Times New Roman, size - 14. Line spacing is single. Paragraph indent (“red line”): 1.25 cm. Tables, diagrams, drawings should be named and should be typed in the Windows environment;

  • Abstract of work (5 pages);
  • Annotation of work (Appendix 1);
  • Information about the author and supervisor of the work (Appendix 2);
  • Review from the external organization (1 copy);
  • Review of the supervisor of the degree of independence of work;
  • Photo (3x4) -1 pc.;
  • Work in electronic form (CD or RW media);
  • The conclusion of the Department on the nomination of work for the competition, signed by the Head of the Department;
  • All accompanying documents are provided in a stitched form (or in a file folder with the indication of pages).


The list of participants, certified by the signature of the Dean of the Faculty must be submitted before November 1, 2018

Works which is not included in this list will not accepted

The Deadline for the work is NOVEMBER 20, 2018, till 18:00 hours

Full information can be obtained in the Department of Scientific and Innovative Issuess, building 3, room #219


Abstract of Scientific Work

Information about the author and supervisor of the work

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