«Sanaly urpaq»


Taraz State Pedagogical University


Dear friends, Taraz State Pedagogical University invites you to a free course on preparation for olympiads and tournaments on astronomy and astrophysics, as a part of the social project "Social missions of Ustaz University".

Academic mobility

Academic mobility is open to second or third-year students, teachers or staff for a specifictime period, usually a semester or academic year, who desire to spend time at another educational institution (domestically or abroad) for schooling, training or research.


List of documents required for participation:

1. Application

2. Recommendation letter (from the dean of the faculty)

3. Language certificate (IELTS, TOEFL)

4. Copies of valid passport and ID card

5. Individual curriculum

6. Transcript on training

7. Written consent of parents (legal guardians, legal representatives)

8. Medical certificate for travel abroad (082/y form)

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