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Taraz State Pedagogical University



International cooperation

One of the most important aspects of Taraz State Pedagogical Universityis international cooperation, which prepares highly qualified specialists primarily in the pedagogical sciences. With the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the studies conducted and correlating them with international trends in science, TarSPU actively cooperates with foreign universities and research centers.

International cooperation: goals and objectives

• Preparation and conclusion of mutually beneficial memorandums and agreements of cooperation between Taraz State Pedagogical University and foreign universities;

• Participation in organization and conduct of multilateral and bilateral activities, in accordance with the plans of international cooperation;

• Creation of a database on funds, grants, internships, advisory services for employees, students and faculty of the university related to the possibility of traveling abroad for training and internships;

• Admission of foreign citizens in accordance with the university's agreements on international cooperation and on a contract basis;

• Control over compliance with the passport and visa regime by foreign nationals arriving in the country through the university;

• Seeking and conducting direct contacts with foreign partners, their representatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan and individuals on issues related to the international activities of the university;

• implementation of joint international projects;

• organization of trips to study abroad for students, faculty and staff of the university


The practical aims are the development of the academic mobility of students and teachers; implementation of the principles of the Bologna Process; and conducting courses in foreign languages.

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