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Centre of qualification improvement and pre-university training

General information

On the basis of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” (as amended on November 24, 2015), article  35, paragraph 2, article 37, paragraph  2.3, providing for educational organisations to implement and provide additional educational services, in particular, professional development for the purpose of developing professional competences  adequate to modern requirements, there is a  Center of qualification improvement  and pre-University Training which is a structural subdivision of the TarSPU.

Mission of the centre

  • Systematic training of the pedagogical staff, ensuring high quality of education and improving the professional skills of teachers on the basis of the world and Kazakhstan experience;
  • Improvement of the level of readiness for training at the higher educational institution.


The main aims of the Centre of qualification improvement and pre-University training:

  • systematic and qualitative upgrading of the pedagogical staff, aimed at maintaining, expanding, deepening and improving previously acquired professional knowledge, skills and experiences in pedagogical specialties;
  • transition to a qualitatively new level, to a competence-oriented model of education, with updated content of educational programmes of training courses and modern teaching methods, taking into account the requirements of the market of educational services and employers’ requests;
  • training courses on modern innovative methods;
  • provision of pedagogical staff trained in educational programmes, a certificate from the Centre Qualification Improvement and Pre-University Training ;
  • rendering of quality educational services in order to increase the level of knowledge of students, through in-depth study of subjects, for further admission to higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan;
  • targeted training in the subjects of integrated testing (Kazakh language, Russian language, mathematics, history of Kazakhstan and electives ).


Additional Information:

Taraz State Pedagogical University provides group of students for the preparatory course "Foundation". (General Provisions)

Documents required for admission by citizens of Kazakhstan:

• Application in any form

• Original document from a general, primary vocational (technical and vocational), secondary professional (post-secondary) or higher education, institution  or its annex;

• A copy of the identity card or passport;

• 6 photos in the size 3x4;

• Medical certificate form 086-U;

Since 2016, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan has allocated state educational grants, intended to improve the knowledge of subjects (biology, physics, chemistry, computer science) and the formation of language competences  in Kazakh, Russian and English.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Foundation trains 19 students  in the Foundation’s preparatory course on the state educational order. The educational process is organised in accordance with the rules of credit technology training. Beginning of the course from the 1st of October, and lasting nine months, the course participants are upgrading their competence, in the fields of natural science: "Biology", "Physics", "Chemistry" and "Informatics".

The trainees of the course receive a monthly scholarship from the state.

Students of the course, after successful completion of the training and passing the final, cumulative test  have the opportunity to enter the higher educational institutions of  Kazakhstan.

The course of professional development  costs   18000 (eighteen thousand) tenge. The duration of the course is 72 hours in class. Training is conducted within 2 weeks. Applications for CQI training courses are accepted at: Taraz,  Tole bi Str. 62,  Room No. 308 (main building No. 1 of TarSPU), e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , tel. 8 (726-2) 51-60-33, 87059023713.

Financial information


BIN 040440007305

IIC KZ 376010161000026196

Halyk Bank

Taraz City


KBE 16

Alikhanova Gulbanu Ermekovna

Head of centre of qualification improvement and pre-University training

8747 192 87 80

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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