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Analysis of the modern state

Analysis of the modern state

Taraz State Pedagogical University trains future teachers in 29 specialties of bachelor degree, in 10 specialities of a magistracy. The training is conducted in two languages: Kazakh and Russian. Professorial-teaching  staff - 320 people, including 314 teachers on the staff , that is 98,4 %. The University employs 135 teachers  on the staff  with scientific degrees and ranks,  they are 19 doctors of Sciences, professors, 116 candidates of Sciences, associate professors, 1 PhD.  It composes 43,3%  of  Professorial-teaching  staff of  the University . In ТarSPI there  are members of the creative unions: the Union of artists, 8  members  of the Union of journalists  and 1 Honorary worker of culture of the RK. In 2010 at the University Innovative Pedagogical College was inaugurated  where the students are trained in 10 specialities.

University for operational management has sufficient material and financial assets. TarSPI has 8 academic buildings with total area of ​​32875m2. There are laboratories, educational workshops, classrooms and lecture halls, 2 Assembly halls, 6 sports halls with the total area 2070 square meters and two open-air sports complex with total area of 10000 square meters. Nonresident students live in the student hostel of the 460 seats a total area of 4843 sq.m.

The University has a sufficient fund classroom equipped with technical facilities, which include audio and video equipment. Training Corps (except the number 6) are connected to the local network through the University of technology IP / VPN with data transfer rate 512 Kb / s, with access to the INTERNET. A program was implemented to send text messages and file data between units, which significantly speeds up workflow and significantly reduces paper flow. Workstations (AWS) "Personnel", "Accounting and management of material resources", "Payment", "Applicant", "Payment by Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan", "Catalogue of scientific library", "Control of student", "Dean."

In April 2011, an automated library system "KABIS.Full" with additional modules "Book Support of the learning process", "Card files of readers" (with support for bar-coding), "Circulation of books" (with support for bar-coding), «Web-search module and order »,« Book Scan »(with RMEB format support) were purchased. It is the introduction of an electronic catalog of the book fund. To maintain work to an updated version of the software "KABIS.Full" in September 2011 was established. Within the coordination of electronic resources, which provides automation of all library and information processes, the organization of the automated library and information systems, provides efficient organization, storage and management database information files. The University has access to the Republican interuniversity electronic library and the Kazakhstan national electronic library. 15% of  disciplines of curriculum are supplied by the educational, educational-methodological and scientific literature on electronic and magnetic media. In ТarSPI there are  13  computer classes. Academic buildings are connected to the local network of INTRANET University with access to the INTERNET. There is a WEB site

It is planned to introduce software Tamos Universaity Suate (automated system of control of the educational process of the University, which covers the work of all departments of the University.

The University has scientific-research centers, the activity of which is directed on the decision of actual problems of pedagogical science: the centre on the problems of the 12-year education, implementing the transition to 12-year model of education; the center of self-knowledge, which implements a moral and spiritual development of personality; center «Baurzhantanu» exploring the artistic heritage of the Hero of the Soviet Union, a  famous  writer Baurzhan Momyshuly.


The University has a comprehensive system to ensure the quality of training specialists. A three-tiered monitoring of the quality of the educational process: at the level of the Department, of the faculty, of the University is implemented.

The University has a comprehensive system to ensure the quality of training specialists. Is implementing a three-tiered monitoring of the quality of the educational process: at the level of the Department, the faculty, the University of. The educational process at the University is focused on the introduction of new educational technologies, widespread computerization and introduction of information technology, application of new technical means of education. For this purpose, the University established a permanent seminar on innovative technologies. There are 7 lecture halls and rooms for practical classes equipped with the interactive boards with the software ACTIV STUDIO.

Every year the University on average published more than 100 training manuals and methodical instructions on each speciality the bachelor and master programs are developed by the educational and working programs, program for the state exam in the Russian and the  Kazakh languages, prepared by the faculty.

Стратегический план развития Таразского государственного педагогического университета на 2017-2019 года

Стратегический план развития Таразского государственного педагогического университета на 2014-2016 года

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