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Dean of the Facilty of Physics and Mathematics


T.Bizhigitov is a great teacher and scientist who left his mark on education and science.

He found the following fundamental results, previously unknown in the direction of high pressure and low-temperature physics:

- for the first time, the diagram of the ice at high-pressure and low-temperature in-the P-T coordinate, which was practically unknown before, was constructed.

-during the research, XII type of ise was found elastic properties of the ice and temperature dependence were determined.

-found the coordinates of three triple points which was unknown at the low-temperature and high-pressure in the P-T coordinate.

- calculated the change in the thermodynamic functions of ice at low temperature and high-pressure phase transition.

- constructed elastic properties of all types of ice in the phase diagram and in the temperature dependent graphs.

Two monographs were published in this direction:

1. Physical Properties of Water and Ice Types «Almaty: Economics. 2013.-124 pages»

2. High-pressure and low-temperature physics «Almaty: Economics. 2013.-167 pages»

T.Bizhigitov has more than 120 scientific and methodical works. Over 15 of them have been published in magazines with non-zero impact factor. For many yrs, students and undergraduates were given lectures on «Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics»,  «Electrodynamics and Special Theory of Relativity»,  «Mathematical Physics Equations» «Mathematical Physics Methods» and  «General Physics Courses» using innovative technologies. By the approval of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the following theoretical physics courses and following physics textbooks, bsed on the credit technology of modern teaching, for students studying in physics and mathematics, chemistry, biology and technical specialties were published:

1. Statistics physics and basics of physical kinetics. Almaty «Dauir» 2011.

2. Electrodynamics and special theory of relativity Almaty «Dauir» 2012.

3. Methods of mathematical physics, Almaty «Dauir» 2012.

4. General Physics course, Almaty «Economics» 2013

5. Methods of theoretical physics Almaty «Economics» 2015.

6. Molecular Physics, Almaty «Economics» 2015

The following manuals were published by the education –methodical association on the specialty « Education» of the Republican education –methodical council t Aby Kazakh Nationl Pedagogical University:

  1. Molecular physics, Almaty «Economics» 2015 protocol №2 from 16.04.2015
  2. Methods of theoretical physics, Almaty, Protocol of the Minutes of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan №2, 16.04.2015

T. Bizhigitov,s own physical science shool has been formed in Zhambyl region and Taraz city. From 2004 to present  he is the  chairman of the regional Olimpiad in physics and chairman of the scientific project commission on physics, engineering and space in Zhambyl region. The regional department of education awarded T.Bizhigitov  with diplomas «Erudit and Education lyceum» for the winners of the Olympiads and scientific projects at national and international levels.

In 2011-2015, he was awarded with leters of gratitude  from the Nur Otan, Taking into account the fact that he occupied the post of chairman of the precinct election commission №44 (Zhambyl prospect, 16A, TarPI) in Taraz.

Elected is a member  of the Audit Commission of Higher Education Institutions  of Kokshetau by the Order of the Committee No. 217 dated 09.04.2007.

He was awarded Honorary  Dipioma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of  Kazakhstan. He has been awarded with bronze, silver and medals named after A.Baitursynov for his outsanding contribution to the development of the higher educdtion system and long-term success in teaching.

In 2018, he was elected as a director of the Kazakhstan Association of physics in Zhambyl region.

We hope that this fine scientific path of a scientist-teacher will be a real example of successful work for rural youth, future young  scientists, students and undergraduates in the filed of education and science.

Today,Temirkhan Bizhigitov makes a significand contribution to the development of education and science of our country and education. Taking into accont the many years of teaching and scientific achievements of the dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, T.Bizhigitov.

In 2018, he was awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the «Honorary Worker of Education» Medal.

Winner of the competition «Best University Teacher-2014» organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Amanbayeva Ardak Nurgalievna

Deputy dean of academic affairs

Master of Mathematics, Senior Lecturer

Sembieva Akbota Serikovna

Deputy dean of educational work

Master of Physics, Senior Lecturer

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