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Methodological department

The methodological Department carries out the following functions:

- provides methodological support and maintenance of the departments on the development and implementation of educational programs;

- coordinates and provides control over the development of working curricula;

- coordinating and monitoring the preparation of the catalog of elective disciplines;

- coordination of methodical work of departments and faculties;

- performs the monitoring of security of educational process with literature and methodological developments;

- carries out analysis of methodical provision of independent work of students;

- conducts analysis of the quality of carrying out STIW;

- conducts analysis of the quality of EMCS and EMCS, teaching materials, test tasks and other forms of students ' knowledge control and their accordance to the standard curriculum and working curriculum;

- coordinates and maintains documentation of the Methodological Council of the University;

- coordinates the work of the methodical commissions of faculties and teaching staff of the University, develops methodological recommendations on the creation of educational, methodical and didactic materials necessary for a comprehensive methodological support of educational process;

- monitors the implementation of individual plans of teaching staff on methodological work plan of the edition of EML, the work plan of the methodological Bureau of the faculties;

- organizes exhibitions of video lectures and virtual laboratory works, textbooks and manuals, published by the faculty of the University, competitions, presentations;

- conducts seminars, conferences, exhibitions, presentations on the improvement of educational-methodological and scientific-methodological works.

- organizes public lectures by leading lecturers of the University;

- organizes and conducts seminars, refresher courses in the field of introduction of modern educational technologies;

- examines innovative educational technologies and their introduction in educational process of the University;

- studying the experience of foreign educational institutions in order to improve existing and create new educational programs;

- makes recommendations and proposals for the development of academic mobility in the University;

- provides development and coordination of joint educational programs and projects with foreign universities-partners;

- systematically monitors the quality of training taking into account the active and interactive teaching methods.

- develops and implements training materials with consideration of distance educational technologies, inclusive education, dual training;

- prepares responses to letters to the MES and other stakeholders on issues of educational and methodical work;

- keeps reports of all deanery hours that are held weekly by the Vice rector for educational and methodical work with the deans.

Methodological department

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