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Taraz State Pedagogical University



The department of academic affairs


For correspondence: Republic of Kazakhstan, Taraz, 080000

Address: 16A Zhambyl avenue, Taraz state pedagogical University, Educational building №5, room 207.

Tel: +7(7262) 51 00 28

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The department of Academic Affairs is the leading structural subdivision of the University in the management and coordination of the educational process. Subordinated to the Vice rector of educational and methodological work. In executing its responsibility, the office promotes academic and service excellence, performs tasks on the planning and organization of educational process, development of normative documentation of educational and methodological work, the diagnostics of the educational process and the quality analysis of training specialists.

The department of Academic Affairs implements potential and current planning and inspection of all educational process, maintains control over the curriculum and teaching, accounting and reporting documentation in Dean's offices and departments of the University, maintains records and movement of students. Department monitors the professional practices of students, carries out employment of graduates, preparing of reporting documentation, as well as current and operative information for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The main tasks of the Department:

- ensuring growth of educational services quality based on the introduction of modern educational technologies, the growth of scientific and pedagogical skills of teachers, unification and standardization of educational process on the basis of the state standard;

- organizing of educational process jointly with the deans of the faculties;

- improving of organization of educational process based on achievements of pedagogical science;

- developing of recommendations for perspective development plans of the University;

- accounting, developing and current regulation of dynamics of teaching staff and educational and additional support personnel;

- systematic analysis of indicators of educational process;

- organizing and conducting practices at the University and other organizations concerning with the deans of the faculties and the departments. Analysing of the effectiveness of the practices, developing and implementing of schemes to increase their efficiency;

- participating in the development and implementation of a comprehensive programs of informatization of educational process management;

- organizing of training for teaching staff of the University of contemporary pedagogical innovations and information technologies;

- coordinating of methodological ensuring educational process;

- accounting, storaging, handling, preparation and giving of educational information;

- accounting and providing information about the number of students;

- registering and issuing of certificates of graduation of the University;

- managing of educational process of the University;

- monitoring and analysing of quality of current control, intermediate control and final examination.

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