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Taraz State Pedagogical University



Office of academic affairs

The structure of the Department in- cludes:

-           the educational – methodical Department;

-           sector coordinating schedules;

-           Department of professional prac- tice, graduates ‘ employment and career support;

-           sector statistics;

-           Department of development of tri- lingual education.

The Department of academic Affairs is the primary structural unit in the organiza- tion and management of the Institute. The Department solves problems for the orga- nization and planning of training quality of specialists, analysis of the quality of teach- er training, improving control of academic achievements, updating of regulatory and methodological documentation.

The Department of academic Affairs is implementing a comprehensive  work on the current and perspective planning of the educational process, maintains control of the accounting and registration docu- ments of the departments, monitors the movement of students, directly controls the release of students and issue diplomas of the state sample, provides state services in the field of education. The functions of the Department include coordination of the educational process of the Institute in the framework of the dual and trilingual edu- cation students.


The main tasks of management:

- ensuring the quality of educational services through the introduction of modern educational technologies, the growth of scientific and pedagogical qualifications of teachers, unification and standardization of the educational process based on the state standard, the introduction of the principles of the Bologna process in the educational process;

- Organization of the educational process in conjunction with the deans of faculties;

- improving the organization of the educational process based on the achievements of pedagogical science;

- development of recommendations for long-term and strategic plans for the development of the university;

- accounting, development and ongoing regulation of the quality and dynamics of the staff of faculty and teaching support staff;

- a systematic analysis of the indicators of the educational process;

- Organization and conduct of practices on the basis of the university and third-party organizations together with deans of faculties and departments. Analysis of the effectiveness of practices, development and implementation of schemes to increase their effectiveness;

- participation in the development and implementation of a comprehensive program of informatization of educational process management;

- Organization of training for teachers and employees of the university in modern pedagogical, innovative, information technologies;

- coordination of work on educational and methodological support of the educational process;

- accounting, storage, processing, preparation of educational and methodological information;

- accounting and providing information about the student body;

- accounting and issuance of documents and duplicates of graduation;

- management of the educational process of the university;

- control and analysis of the quality of the current, intermediate, final control, as well as the final state certification.



Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Taraz, 080000, Zhambyl Ave. 16A, Taraz State Pedagogical University, Educational Building No. 5, room. 207.

Tel: +7 (7262) 51 00 28

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Mazhibaev Asylzhan Kenzhekereevich

Position: Director, Candidate of Chemical Sciences

Phone: +7 (7262) -42-50-74,

Cell phone: + 7 701 581 55 11

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