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Of 1967 year, when on the initiative  of The Kazakh SSR’s Ministry of education and the governance of the University was organized a reading room for 20 persons and book lending room, the Fund which amounted more than 12 thousand copies mostly duplicate literature transferred from other libraries. Science foundation consisted of several dictionaries and one encyclopedia in the Russian language. The first head of the library was appointed Mazina Nina Sergeevna and the first 300 readers were served by librarians such asM. S. Turarova, S. P. Piunina, and in 70-80 years the library's management passed toA. V. Khabarova, the number of employees was 23 (N.A. Khalilova, N. F. Kadyseeva,T. V. Gnatenko). In 1985, with increasing of the book fund up to 170 thousand units the library moved into the new building, where were opened 3 reading rooms, lending library, 3 department’s libraries and, accordingly, the number of served readers amounted more than 3 thousand persons a year.

In different years the library was headed by directors such as Khabarova Alexandra Vasilevna, Myrzakhanova Farida Maksimovna, Ahanova Gulnara Maksutovna.

In April of 2004, due to the the reorganization of Taraz state pedagogical Institute was organized the scientific library  with  a  universal   book   fund, in which were 111 thousand items, 343507 copies of educational, scientific, imaginative literature, also scientific works, monographs and periodicals.

2004-2010 in the library located in 4 educational buildings operated 4 sectors, 2 lending library, 5 reading room, room of periodicals, and electronic reading room with 5 computers and 10 seats, and also club "Balausa".

The scientific library began  to  lead by EsirkepovGulmiraJarylkapkizi since august of 2010.

The scientific library over the years of its activity, forming and maintaining its own universal foundation, perfecting the forms and methods of information and library services, provided invaluable assistance in getting a quality education, and thereby contributed to the preparation of highly qualified teachers.

Today the scientific library is located in 6 educational buildings (students' House), with a total area of 1464 sq. m., has 4 sections and 19 posts with 506 seats. Informative-bibliographic service of readers is carried out in 2 lending libraries, in 5 specialized reading rooms, in 9 department’s libraries and in 2 electronic reading rooms, upgraded with 40 computers, LED TVs, video projectors. "Library club" is popular among students. The staff of the library consists of 37 employees.The universal fund of scientific library consists of about 180 thousand items, 567 thousand documents; 326 thousand of them are book funds, 164 thousand periodicals, electronic resources fund-76994 media.

Annually in the research library recorded more than 5000 readers. Services are used by over 20 thousand users, to whom issued more than 700 thousand copies of books and periodicals. Visits per year are about 390 thousand readers.

The library is a treasury of all the riches of the human spirit. And it is impossible not to note the work of our respected colleagues, such as Sartova G. M., Omarova

N. CH., Musaeva N.S., Bekberdieva  K. S., Nurmakhambetova S., ZhailaubaevaA.A., Maimakova R., Tokeeva B.R., BekberdievaG.A.  Mukhambetov T. K., Tlepova K. B., Uvalieva Sh. Zh., Nurgeldinova R. K., Ashirova A. S., Alenova R. S., Imasheva, Zh. Zh., KosaevaSh.S., Toltikova M. T., TalkanbaevaZh. D., also young professionals as Aldashova

M. A., Tumenbaeva A. A, Akparova G.R., Sarieva, Zh. S., and others, who put all his power and knowledge for the prosperity of the Scientific library.The scientific library combines educational and cultural-educational functions. In order for the spiritual development of youth and the bringing to reading books as well as the inculcation of aesthetic, patriotic and cultural values and promotion of the fund, the library organized more than 20 cultural activities, around 40 book-illustrated exhibitions.

In order to satisfy the needs of teachers and students each year, the library issued more than 180 periodicals on pedagogical, natural-scientific and humanitarian publications in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages, corresponding to the profiles of training.

Strengthening the role of libraries as the basis for information resources and further expanding range of electronic resources has allowed the scientific library to become an active component of informational and educational University. In the scientific library operates the local library network consisting of 70 computers server, all library-bibliographic processes are automated on the system "KABIS. Full", where are the electronic catalogue, electronic services and an Electronic library of TarSPU.

Ensuring access of all participants of educational process to informational and educational resources of the University scientific library, domestic and foreign electronic resources, full  text  databases is performed in 2 electronic rooms, in the fund of which collected approximately77 thousands of documents on digital media, equipped with new techniques and providing free access to the Internet. All  users are granted open access through the web site of  the Institute ( and a web portal of scientific    libraries ( to information resources "Electronic library of TarSPU" (, which reflects the database of electronic catalogues of the scientific library and a private full-text database, also provided the possibility of free access to 10 local, 123 Russian and 4 foreign data bases, online digital libraries and educationalresources.

For students and teaching staff of the Institute was organized free access via the web portal of the library to 10 local resources of electronic libraries as RMEB, KazNEB, Open library of Kazakhstan, a Literary portal, portal of Cultural heritage and to Russian online educational resources, to world full-text electronic resources on WEB OF SCIENCE platform of Thomson Reuters company, Elsevier (ScienceDirect,Scopus),   SpringerLink, Taylors&FranceOnIine, IPRbooks, BibIioRossica, and Russian newspapers and journals, to database (www., where reflected the best media publications of Mass Media across countries and industries.An annual tradition of scientific library became realizing at TarSPI’s basis of forums and dialogue platforms for librarians of the education system of Zhambyl region, where discussing the modern methods of library  activities and implement and sharing with best experiences.

Руководитель научно-информационной библиотеки

Есиркепова Гульмира Жарылкапкызы

Контактный телефон: 8 (7262) 51-01-32, с.т. 87473963531

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Адрес: г.Тараз, пр. Жамбыла,16А, ТарГПУ (6 корпус), 1 этаж


  • Служба формирования фондов и обработки документов
  • Служба обслуживания пользователей
  • Информационно-библиографическая служба
  • Служба по управлению электронными ресурсами и мониторнга


Сартова Гульзада Мухановна

Должность: Главный  специалист  службы  по формированию  фондов  и  обработки документов

Тел.: (8-726-2) 51-01-32

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Адрес: пр. Жамбыла,16А,  (6 корпус), 1 этаж

Омарова Нұрипа Шапайқызы

Должность: Главный специалист

службы по обслуживанию пользователей –

Тел.: (8-726-2) 51-01-32

e-mailnuripa This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Адрес: пр. Жамбыла,16А,  (6 корпус), 1 этаж

Алдашова Мөлдир Ораковна

Должность: Главный специалист службы по управлению электронными ресурсами и мониторинга

Тел.: (8-726-2) 51-01-32

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Адрес: пр. Жамбыла,16А,  (6 корпус), 1 этаж





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