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Taraz State Pedagogical University


Taraz State Pedagogical University together with the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan, Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University of the Russian Federation and the University of Karabuk of Turkey on February 27-28, 2020 holds І International pedagogical readings on the theme: "The system of continuous pedagogical education in the conditions of civilization of Kazakhstan in the XXI century: world spirituality and innovative experience"

Chemical-biological faculty

Formation and history

Faculty of Chemistry and Biology was reorganized from the Faculty of Science of the Taraz State Pedagogical University on the basis of Order No. 75 of 10.08.2015.

The Faculty includes 3 departments:

• «Chemistry and Methods of Teaching Chemistry»

• «Biology and Methods of Teaching Biology»

• «Geography and ecology».

45 Faculty members are engaged in the training of specialists in the faculty and the implementation of scientific research, including 3 doctors of sciences, 1 doctor of PhD, 14 candidates of sciences and 23 masters.

The Faculty trains bachelors in 5 specialties:

• 5B011200 - «Chemistry»

• 5B011300 - «Biology»"

• 5B011600 - Geography

• «Chemistry and biology»

• «Biology-Geography»

448 students are studying in these specialties. The training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English. At the Faculty there are more than 10 laboratories equipped with modern equipment and instruments, a scientific research agrobiostation.

The mission of the Faculty is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of chemistry, biology and geography, possessing modern information technologies, foreign languages, competitive in the international, national and regional labor markets and focused on solving urgent problems of the development of the Zhambyl region and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The strategic goal of the faculty is based on the following directions: creating space for laboratory work, developing curricula and teaching materials, preparing working professions in the labor market and developing contacts with employers' organizations, and creating a professional orientation of creative and active students and teachers to address the pressing problems of our region.

Educational-methodlogical work

In accordance with the Law «On the language of the Republic of Kazakhstan», the tri-lingual education model is being implemented at the Chemical-Biological Faculty within the framework of the State Program for the Development and Application of Languages. Multilingual groups were established in the fourth year on the specialty 5B011200-«Chemistry» and in the second year on specialty 5B011300-«Biology».

The Faculty closely cooperates with universities and research centers of near, far abroad and Kazakhstan. So students оn academic mobility were trained in European universities, like Zlín University named after Tomáš Bati (Czech Republic) Kudaibergenova Zh.S., Bakytzhan E.E. on specialty 5B011200-«Chemistry» and Khalmetova G.M. on specialty 5B011300-«Biology», in Lodz University (Poland) Daurenbek G.D, Kuatova A. in specialty 5B011200 - «Chemistry».

Студенты специальности 5В011200-«Химия» Дауренбек Г. и Куатова А. в Лодзинском университете (Польша)

Студентка специальности 5В011200-«Химия» Бақытжан Э.Е. в Злинском университете имени Томаша Бати (Чехия)

Профессор Кембриджского университета Элейн Уилсон прибыла с особым визитом в Таразский государственный педагогический институт

Scientific research works

Research work at the faculty is constantly conducted by the teaching staff and students. In a 100m2 scientific research agrobiostation, TarGPU together with students conduct laboratory work on the disciplines «Anatomy and morphology of plants», «Biology of medicinal plants», «Genetics», «Evolutionary training», «Organization of educational and experimental work in the school sector and biometrics», independent work of a student, scientific, course and degree works.

Under the supervision of the head of the department «Biology and Methods of Teaching Biology», Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Zh.S. Tuleubayeva and senior teacher M.Beisembaeva, the localized technology of cultivation of 4 varieties of cucumbers and strawberry varieties «Black Prince» was used. On the territory of the agrobiological station under the guidance of Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor S.I. Nurbekova on the degree works were sown the seeds of winter wheat F9-F10 Almaly, Zhetysu, Aliya, Farabi, Besagash and Tritikal.

Students won prizes at the international, republican scientific conferences of young scientists and republican subject Olympiads. The students of the faculty take an active part in the annual contest «Zhas Talap» organized at the university level.

The Faculty has been working for the second year in the framework of the project «Kid's University». In the framework of this project, schoolchilds of the city of Taraz and the region can learn new technologies and conduct research in various scientific fields of science. The goal of the project is to attract schoolchildren to research work, to interest them with science, to discover the intellectual potential of the children of our region. The project is carried out in three directions. The scientists of the faculty familiarize the students with research in the field of chemistry, biology and geography.

Д.с-х.н., профессор Ж.С.Тулеубаев вместе со студентами в научно-исследовательской агробиостанции

Студенты во время лабораторных занятии

Встреча с школьниками Жамбылской области и города Тараз по программе Kids university

Educational work

The Faculty always pays special attention to the education of youth and their moral and psychological readiness for future professional activity.

The Faculty holds meetings, round tables, seminars and trainings with teachers and students on the topics «Code Ar-Namys», «100 real steps», «Orientation for the future: spiritual revival», «Eternal Nation», «Third revival - competitiveness of Kazakhstan».

Faculty address: Taraz city, 16 a (block A) Zhambyl avenue, educational building №7

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