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Taraz State Pedagogical University





The Center forAccreditation and Quality Management System contributes to the development of the Institute’s  strategy, provides the effective functioning of the quality management system  of TarSPI, improves rating positions of the Institute in the national ranking of 50 best universities in Kazakhstan.


Objectives of the Department

The main objective of the center for accreditation and quality management  of Taraz state pedagogical university is an organizational and methodological support of procedures for the accreditation of the institute and educational programs, development and improvement of the quality management system of the university.

The objectives of the center of accreditation and quality management are:

2.1 Organizational, methodical and informational support of accreditation procedures of the university and individual educational programs.

2.2 Organizational and methodological support for the development and improvement of the quality management system of the university.

2.3 Monitoring and informational support of quality improvement of the Institute activities and its structural subdivisions:

- analysis of the quality management system and preparation reports on its functioning;

- development and maintenance of quality management system documentation based on the international standard ISO 9001: 2015;

- analysis of the quality management system of  procedures adopted by the university;

-  preparation for activities and development of  organizational and administrative documents in the field of quality, their implementation check;

-  training the   managers and staff  to the basics of quality management and requirements of quality management system’s  documentation;

- methodological support of  the  Institute’s   departments activity  in  the quality management system;

- establishing and maintaining the partnership with organizations on issues of accreditation and quality management.



- study, systematization and control over the execution of normative documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of accreditation and quality management system;

- implementation of the negotiations and correspondences with accreditation agencies on behalf of the university management;

-  organization and preparation of documents and maintenance procedures for the accreditation of educational programs;

- information and consulting support of structural subdivisions in the direction of the center's activities;

- drafting documents projects in the quality management system of the university and the provision of guidance and advice in the drafting of documents in subdivisions;

-  organization of seminars, meetings on accreditation, management and quality assurance;

- systematic training, participation in courses, seminars, conferences on accreditation and quality of education;

- participation in conducting internal quality audits of the structural units of the university;

- implementation of a system for collecting, processing, storage and dissemination of information on the state of the system as an institution.

- analysis of statistical data on accreditation and management of all departments of the university.

-preparing university for international accreditation.


History of the QMS

In   Taraz State Pedagogical university the first  re-certification audit was held in 2011 and an international certificate  of Standard agency 9001:2008  was received. In  March 2012 the Institute  was accredited  as a subject of scientific and technical activities, in November 2012 the institutional accreditation was held  by  IQAA and in 2013 another state certification was held by  MES RK.

The QMS of Institute for compliance with the International Standard 9001: 2008  was certified in 2011 by the International Association AFFNOR (France) and Certification Center INTERCERT.

In TarSPI since 2011 a certified quality management system (QMS) has been  developed and implemented according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

The Quality Management System is functioning effectively and is applied in educational, scientific and educational activities of the University.

Developing model of QMS includes planning and implementing the monitoring, auditing, measurement, analysis and improvement in order to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of SES educational services ISO 9001: 2015 and the requirements of consumers,   to ensure conformity of the QMS and continually improve its effectiveness.


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Room: 203, 205.

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