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Taraz State Pedagogical University


Taraz State Pedagogical University together with the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan, Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University of the Russian Federation and the University of Karabuk of Turkey on February 27-28, 2020 holds І International pedagogical readings on the theme: "The system of continuous pedagogical education in the conditions of civilization of Kazakhstan in the XXI century: world spirituality and innovative experience"

Information and image department


The Information And Image Department of Taraz State Pedagogical University is a structural unit of the University. The Department has a Newspaper "Nurly Zhol", the Press service, the Website of TarSPU and Photo Studio.

Tasks of the Information and Image Department:

1. Information support of the activities and events of Taraz State Pedagogical University:

- information maintenance of the events of Taraz State Pedagogical University; participation in the preparation and conduct of events for the purpose of Publication in the Media;

- organization of Press Conferences, Briefings, Interviews and Meetings with representatives of domestic and foreign Media;

-  providing events with professional and high-quality Photography.

2. Image maintenance of information provision of Rector’s issues and events held with the participation of him:

- stylistic and literary editing projects of official Speeches, Interviews, Articles, informational Materials and Texts of the Rector;

- preparation of projects of Speeches, Interviews, Articles, Information Materials and Texts, explaining the activities and principles of the Rector;

- systematic, continuous formation of positive Image of the University in the Media.

3. Communicative maintenance of information provision of activities of Taraz State Pedagogical University:

- preparation, editing and placement of news, information materials, audio, photo and video products on the official Website of the University (www.tarmpu.kz);

- notification and provision of information materials to the media about events held at the university;

- ensuring the timely publication of the University Newspaper;

- organization of the composition and work of the public commission of University-Wide creative competitions.

Рысбек Лаура Мейрқұлқызы

2000-2011 жж. Тараз қаласы № 45 қазақ классикалық гимназиясы мектебін бітірген.

2011-2015 жж.  Тараз Мемлекеттік Педагогикалық институтының  «Екі шет тілі: ағылшын-түрік» мамандығын тәмамдаған.

2015-2019 жж. «Қазақстан» РТРК» АҚ Жамбыл облыстық филиалында редактор, тележүргізуші қызметін атқарған.

2019 жылдың мамыр айынан бастап Тараз Мемлекеттік Педагогикалық университетінің Имидждік және қоғаммен байланыс басқармасында тілші және редактор болып қызмет атқарады.

Байланыс нөмірі: 8 747 295 78 17

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Контактный телефон: +7 7713991990

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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